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Slings and Extenders

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Black Diamond 13mm Dynex Rabbit Runner


The Black Diamond 13mm Dynex Rabbit Runner is a full-strength sling that's at home threading big icicles, or extending pro on wandering trad pitches. It features two different sized sewn pockets, the 110cm long Rabbit is ultra-versatile, with one tight pocket (26mm) designed to hold a carabiner steady and one that's open (72mm), allowing you to girth-hitch with ease.

£18.00 inc. VAT £16.18 inc. VAT

DMM Dynatec 11mm Open Sling

The DMM Dynatec 11mm Open Slings can be used for belays, running belays and to form a quickdraw using 2 karabiners, they are made with Dyneema® and rated at 22kN.

From £4.87 inc. VAT

DMM Dynatec 11mm Quickdraw Tape

The DMM Dynatec 11mm Quickdraw Tapes are individual quickdraw extenders that can be used in between two karabiners to make a quickdraw. One end of the tape has a sewn-in 'tadpole' retainer of rubber which a karabiner can thread through and then clip onto the rope, making the karabiner less likely to spin or become cross-loaded by the rope in the event of a fall. The longer lengths are useful for trad climbing, particularly single rope use as there is less chance of rope drag and movement lifting out placed protection.

From £3.54 inc. VAT

DMM Dynatec 8mm Open Sling

The DMM Dynatec 8mm Open Slings are great keeping down the weight of your rack and are just as strong as their thicker variants. These skinny slings are particularly useful for narrow thread protection and they feature a plastic binding over the stitching for abrasion resistance. They are rated the same as the 11mm version (22kN).

From £5.76 inc. VAT

DMM Nylon 16mm Open Sling

The DMM Nylon 16mm Open Slings are wider and heavier than the Dynatec slings and are a great option for beginners or use in outdoor activity centres. Although they are rated no higher than dyneema slings, there is more material involved and so they offer a greater safety margin when dragged over a sharp edge. The extra width may give beginners more confidence too.

From £5.30 inc. VAT

DMM Nylon 16mm Open Sling ID

The DMM nylon slings are wider and heavier than Dynatec for the same strength rating. However, it is a good all-round material that withstands repeated flexing better than Dynatec, has greater shock absorbsion, is less expensive and has a higher melting point. This makes nylon slings appropriate for heavy use or where weight isn't a prime consideration.

From £4.58 inc. VAT

DMM Nylon 26mm Open Sling

The DMM Nylon 26mm Open Slings are very strong and durable nylon slings ideal for centre use. These are the strongest tape in DMM's range, rated at a massive 32kN. When strength and longevity are paramount these are the ones.

From £7.08 inc. VAT

Edelrid Aramid Cord Sling 6mm

The Edelrid Aramid Cord Sling 6mm is a sewn sling made with high-strength aramid. Aramid delivers a significantly higher breaking strength than other conventional slings.

From £11.52 inc. VAT

Edelrid Tech Web Sling 12mm

The Edelrid Tech Web Sling 12mm is strong, lightweight and durable. It has a high-strength Dyneema® core to keep weight to a minimum, that is wrapped in a light nylon sheath to provide abrasion protection for the core and improved grip.

From £8.86 inc. VAT

Edelrid Tubular Sling 16mm

The Edelrid Tubular Sling 16mm is a sewn sling made of robust and abrasion-resistant polyamide.

From £10.13 inc. VAT

OCUN Quickdraw DYN 11mm

The OCUN Quickdraw DYN 11mm is a dyneema sling for a set of light quickdraws.

From £2.84 inc. VAT

OCUN ST-Sling DYN 12mm

The OCUN ST-Sling DYN 12mm is a practical sling for self-assembly. There are particularly long lengths and therefore perfect for alpine terrain. The lightweight Dyneema® material is robust and durable, and the sling is also less bulky than Ocun's O slings. So it's ideal when every gram of weight saved counts.

From £9.00 inc. VAT

Petzl Anneau

The Petzl Anneau is a sewn sling with an open loop that is available in different lengths. They are colour coded for easy identification of length.

From £4.80 inc. VAT

Petzl Axess String


The Petzl Axess string is a nylon sling with a protective cover designed to be used in situations where lots of wear may occur such as indoor or outdoor centres. A wear indicator is also weaved into the stitching so that slings may be retired. Designed to be used with the Djinn snapgates and a maillon (not included).

£44.00 inc. VAT £39.14 inc. VAT

Petzl String

The Petzl string has two main functions: holding the rope end carabiner in place on a quickdraw or sling, and protecting a relatively high-wear area of a sling from abrasion. Either way this will increase the durability of your equipment. Made from rubber.

From £0.86 inc. VAT