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Canoe Polo Zone Badger Alloy Footrests

The Badger alloy footrest, a great option for canoe polo kayaks. They are easily fitted to the boat, simply by drilling two holes in the kayak and bolting through the boat into the slider bars. To adjust the footrest you pull the outside edge of the pedal towards you and then slide the joint up or down the adjustment bar.

From £32.01 ex. VAT

Canoe Polo Zone Badger Plastic Slider Inserts


£3.75 ex. VAT £3.35 ex. VAT

Canoe Polo Zone Kayak Bumpers

The Canoe Polo Zone kayak bumpers are a great way of protecting your polo kayak and also offering extra protection to your canoe polo training partners. They are also required in competition to protect your enemies! Canoe Polo Zone has designed these polo bumpers from high density foam. They are available in two different styles. The Standard which suits the majority of polo kayaks and the Integral which fits the Combat range of polo kayaks.

From £5.88 ex. VAT

Canoe Polo Zone Polo Boat Bag

From £119.51 ex. VAT

Canoe Polo Zone Polo Boat Bag Deluxe


This polo boat bag is constructed with heavy duty cordura style fabric outside and a lighter nylon inside.

£145.83 ex. VAT £134.93 ex. VAT

Canoe Polo Zone Referee Whistle


Canoe Polo Zone Referee Whistle

£3.75 ex. VAT £3.34 ex. VAT

Combat Response

The Combat Response is a composite polo kayak that is available in two different sizes. The Response is also available in 4 levels of construction. It was designed in 2011 and there was a lot of input from the GB team members during the design process, as to how it should perform. The response is one of the new style polo kayaks that also now comes with an integrated bumper system. These polo boats are not a stock line, they are built to the customers exact specification of colour, size and construction.

From £816.67 ex. VAT

Combat Vantage

From £816.67 ex. VAT

EXO Kayaks XP3

The EXO Kayaks XP3 is a plastic kayak that's ideal for canoe polo. It's available in a single size that suits paddlers in the 50-85Kg weight range and comes fitted with a set of Badger alloy footrests, front and rear foam bumpers and a rear buoyancy pillar. The XP3 is rated by the BCU for use in competitions and is suitable for use in Youth and ladies Div 2. It's also acceptable for open league up to div 3. A wide selection of colours means you can match your team mates!

From £529.17 ex. VAT

Mikasa Hand Pump


The Mikasa water polo ball pump features a t shaped handle for ease of use. It comes supplied with a flexible hose and also the pin adapter that goes into the ball. The compact size of the pump makes it easy to store in your kit bag.

£11.25 ex. VAT £10.05 ex. VAT

Mikasa Referee Whistle


Referee Whistle so you can be heard in games. Definite essential for coaches or when taking groups

£3.75 ex. VAT £3.34 ex. VAT

Mikasa Rubber Waterpolo Ball

The Mikasa Water Polo ball is available in three sizes. This Canoe polo ball meets all the guidelines and regulations that are set down by the BCU (British Canoe Union) and also the ICF (International Canoe Federation).

From £17.98 ex. VAT

Mikasa Rubber Waterpolo Ball - Olympic Ball

The Mikasa Olympic water polo ball is available in two different sizes. There is a gent’s size 5 and the ladies are best with the size 4. This ball is fully approved by FINA for Water polo. Mikasa have designed the Olympic ball to feature a long wearing buffed rubber cover and this then encases the double laminated bladder.

From £44.79 ex. VAT

Mikasa Rubber Waterpolo Heavyweight Training Ball

The Mikasa training ball is a heavy weight water polo ball that is designed to help you improve your throwing and ball skills. There is a size 5 that is ideal for men while the size 4 is suitable for the ladies.

From £26.84 ex. VAT

Peak PS Cockpit Cover

The Peak PS Cockpit Cover is perfect for securely sealing your kayak during trips or protecting it from pests in storage. It comes in multiple sizes for various kayak types, including whitewater, sea, and slalom kayaks. This Peak PS design is made from 3mm neoprene and attaches easily with a shock cord edge. The front handle aids quick removal and doubles as a way to secure the cover to the kayak's grab handle during transportation.

From £33.01 ex. VAT

Peak PS Polo Deck

The Peak PS Polo Deck is a high specification neoprene spraydeck that is focussed with competitive kayaking in mind. This neoprene spray deck is particularly aimed towards canoe polo. It comes in a single deck size and multiple waist sizes. If you’re looking for a new neoprene spraydeck for your polo kayak this is the one to look at. The Peak PS Polo Deck features a 4mm neoprene construction which also incorporates an exceptionally tough and durable face fabric. The spraydeck secures easily to the kayak via a 9mm shockcord edge. The underside of the deck then features a grippy silicone print for enhanced grip. The deck itself has no seams for any potential leakage, whilst the seams on the waist tube and also where it connects to the deck and also sealed with latex to enhance the performance.

From £58.68 ex. VAT