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Beal Transf'air Twin B


The Beal Transf'air Twin B is a great tandem pulley that is suitable for use on ropes or wire cables. The ball bearings give a smooth and fast ride, making it ideal for use as a zip line pulley. Beal has designed this tandem pulley to have a fixed side design, the fixed sides incorporate large mounting eyelets that can easily accommodate 3 karabiners.

£65.99 inc. VAT £58.28 inc. VAT

Climbing Technology Fox


The Climbing Technology Fox is a twin sheave pulley that's been designed specifically for use in adventure parks. It features an easy-to-hold design that's compact and ergonomic and can be connected to a webbing lanyard via a girth hitch, or to a tope lanyard via quick link.

£120.00 inc. VAT £107.75 inc. VAT

ISC Grippey Handlebar - Rope Lanyard


The ISC Grippey Handlebar - Rope Lanyard has been designed to improve rider experience, by preventing any rotation during the ride. It also allows users to arrive at the end of the zip line in a forward-facing position ready to land at the platform. It has been made for use specifically with ISC's industry leading Zippey Clip'n'Zip, ZipSpeed-S and ZipSpeed-L Trolley models.

£94.96 inc. VAT £90.54 inc. VAT

ISC Tandem Pulley

The ISC Tandem Pulley is an affordable pulley with a mid-sized trolley that uses state of the art engineering techniques to ensure that the trolley will run and run! These Tandems are fitted with rubber sealed, deep groove bearings for optimal performance and a lifespan of several thousand miles/km. The side plates are made from Aerospace Grade 7075 Aluminium, to minimise flex.

From £142.99 inc. VAT

ISC Zippey Clip 'n' Zip Trolley


The ISC Zippey Clip 'n' Zip Trolley has been manufactured from a high specification 4mm aluminium plate with a forged aluminium gate and stainless steel wheels, all of which offer the best weight to performance ratio on the market. The trolley weights 450g, with an MBS of 25kN and therefore exceeding the 2260kg rating required by US standards, as well as being fully CE approved.

£159.95 inc. VAT £152.53 inc. VAT

Petzl Tandem


The Petzl Tandem is a great basic pulley that has a wide variety of applications. This tandem pulley can be used on ropes up to 13mm and the sheaths are mounted on self-lubricating bushes for good levels of efficiency. The sides of the pulley are fixed, they also feature two large mounting eyes. The mounting eyes will easily accept up to three carabiners.

£49.00 inc. VAT £43.56 inc. VAT

Petzl Tandem Speed


The Petzl Tandem Speed is the fastest pulley out there. At top speed this will cover up to 20 meters per second. The sides of the pulley are fixed, they also feature large mounting eyelets. The mounting eyelets will accept up to three carabiners easily. The sheaths are made of stainless steel and they are mounted on sealed ball bearing for the best levels of efficiency.

£72.00 inc. VAT £63.96 inc. VAT

Petzl Trac Guide

The Petzl Trac Guide is a trolley designed for adventure parks. Featuring an ergonomic captive carabiner, it allows the guide to quickly install the trolley on the cable with one hand. Because the carabiner pivots, the trolley remains in position on the cable when it makes contact with the end brake of the zip line.

From £128.68 inc. VAT

Petzl Reeve


The Petzl Reeve is a carriage pulley for rescue on a tensioned highline. Combining two pulleys and a rigging plate, the Reeve carriage pulley is an integrated solution designed to simplify setting up rescue systems on tensioned highlines. Its compact design limits the number of connectors and the height of the system. Two large-diameter sheaves mounted on sealed ball bearings provide excellent efficiency when moving. Multiple connection holes to directly attach ropes, slings, or carabiners, allowing for better organisation.

£204.00 inc. VAT £181.24 inc. VAT