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Jobe Double Action SUP Pump


The Jobe Double Action SUP Pump, a great option when upgrading your current pump. This stand up paddle board pump has a plastic body with an aluminium shaft for efficient pumping. The top of the punp also features a pressure gauage so you can be accurate on the pressure you need to achieve. On the top of the body there is also a switch, this enables you to change between single action and double action. The majority of inflation would be dealt with in double action, whilst the final few pumps would then be in single action.

£49.99 inc. VAT

Jobe SUP Pump 12V


The Jobe Electric SUP air pump works via a 12V cigarette lighter connector. If this 12V connector is not available, you can connect it to the battery of the vehicle via the alligator clips which come supplied. This in turn then has a 12V connector attached which you can plug into. The power lead between the 12V connector plug and the pump measures 3m in length. The compressor pump will inflate your board up to a pressure of 20 PSI. This electric sup pump will also deflate the board at the end of the day. General Features -------------------- Electric SUP Pump - Inflates - Deflates 12V socket to plug into the 12V Car Adapter Alligator Clips to attach to battery - Fitted with 12V Adapter to take the 12V plug Pressure Guage - Inflates to 20PSI Dimensions - Length - 29.5cm - Width - 13.5cm - Depth - 16cm - Powerlead - 3m (approx) --------------------

£145.99 inc. VAT

Jobe Triple Action SUP Pump


The Jobe Triple Actuion SUP Pump, if you want to inflate your paddle board quickly and efficiently this is the pump! With twin cylinders and different modes and a pressure guarge, this will get you there. With a plastic construction, combined with the aluminium shafts this also makes it very efficient to pump. The first part of the SUP board inflation would be dealt with in double action on both cylinders, the section action is dealt with in single mode of both cylinders whilst the final stage is dealt with on single action on one cylinder.

£100.00 inc. VAT
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