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Hip Pads

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Dagger Contour Lite Hip Pad Kit


The Palm Contour Lite Hip Pad Kit is the kit needed to replace the Hip Pads for a Dagger Contour Lite Outfitting System. Can be retrofitted to other kayaks as well.

£41.00 inc. VAT £38.28 inc. VAT

Pyranha Connect Hip Pads


The Pyranha connect hip pads are supplied as a pair and also come with a set of foam shims to give a more snug fit. They are easy to fit and remove from the kayak due to the twin 25mm fitting straps that secure around the seat pillars. The outside of the hip pads is finished with a black fabric which is tough and durable; it also looks nice and neat when fitted into your kayak. General Features -------------------- Supplied with 2 Shaped Pads Supplied with shims Supplied with sewn in 25mm securing straps -------------------- Dimensions -------------------- Width - 17cm Height - 17cm Thickness on top corner - 3.5cm

£31.00 inc. VAT £28.18 inc. VAT

Pyranha Foam Hip Pads


The Pyranha Foam Hip pads are great for adding o any kayak. Once fitted, they give a firmer seating position within the kayak. . All of this will help to give an improved fit and higher performance. These kayak hip pads are made from high density foam; the rear of them features a stick panel so they are easy to fit in the kayak. Due to the nature of the high density foam it is very easy to shape and sculpt with a knife and then make the final adjustments with sandpaper.General Features -------------------- Supplied with 2 shaped foams Supplied with 2 shim foams Both panels are sticky back for ease of fitting Easy to shape with knife Easy to sand with a good quality sand paper Fits the majority of kayaks -------------------- Dimensions Shaped Foams Height - 14cm Width - 15cm Top Thickness - 6.5cm Bottom Thickness - 2.5cm -------------------- Shim Foams Height - 14cm Width - 15cm Thickness - 2.5cm --------------------

£22.00 inc. VAT £19.99 inc. VAT

Pyranha Stout 2 Hip Pads


£45.00 inc. VAT £41.00 inc. VAT