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Palm Colt

From £39.23 inc. VAT

Palm Maverick G1

From £82.82 inc. VAT

Palm Maverick G1 2-Piece


Ideal as a spare or as splits‚ this two-piece Maverick has a glass reinforced polypropylene blade‚ strong glass fibre shaft and a coupling in the centre so it can be taken apart or adjusted to be left and right handed.

£105.00 inc. VAT £91.54 inc. VAT

Palm Maverick G1 4-Piece


The Palm Maverick G1 4 Piece is an ideal spare split paddle for white water kayaking paddle. It's available in a single length of 197 cm, and the blades cane be offset at 45 degrees either right or left handed.General Features ------------------- Glassfibre Paddle Shaft Ovalized Shaft Glass Reinforced Polypropylene Blades Three Length Options Right Handed 45 Degree Right or Left Offset Blades Glass Spigot with Button

£140.00 inc. VAT £122.05 inc. VAT

Palm Maverick G1 Aluminium

From £56.66 inc. VAT

Palm Maverick G3

From £117.70 inc. VAT

Palm Paddle Bag

From £69.74 inc. VAT

Peak UK Paddle Bag


Black / Blue N/A N/A

£85.00 inc. VAT £74.22 inc. VAT

Streamlyte Freeway Elite Pro

From £264.67 inc. VAT

Streamlyte Freeway Premier

From £219.19 inc. VAT

Streamlyte Kidzstix

From £73.26 inc. VAT

Streamlyte Kinetix SX

From £142.79 inc. VAT

TNP Asymmetric Kayak Paddle

From £44.50 inc. VAT

TNP Rapa Glass 4 Piece & Bag

From £124.60 inc. VAT