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Palm Colt Paddle

The Palm Colt is an entry level Childs kayak paddle that's suitable for beginners. This children’s kayak paddle is great for learning basic skills and is perfect for taking to open water for the first time. Whether you are venturing onto a lake, a canal or even some whitewater. The Palm Colt will do the job. This junior kayak paddle features a narrow diameter 28mm alloy paddle shaft. The blades are asymmetric in shape and feature a reduced area polypropylene glass filled paddle blade construction.

From £36.85 ex. VAT

Palm Maverick G1 2-Piece Paddle


The Palm Maverick G1 2-Piece kayak paddle is a split paddle that will come apart into two pieces and are easily controlled by a small press button. This paddle is perfect for keeping in the back of your kayak whilst on kayaking expeditions, if you were to lose your regular paddle in a capsize, you could simply carry on with this one. The Maverick G1 features a polypropylene paddle blade which is reinforced with glass fibre, these paddle blades are then mounted on a fiberglass paddle shaft.

£80.67 ex. VAT £62.08 ex. VAT

Palm Maverick G1 Aluminium Paddle

The Palm Maverick G1 Aluminium Paddle is a great entry level option that's perfect for use in kayak clubs or for the individual paddler. This paddle offers you the ability to learn and perfect all the basic strokes in the swimming pool. It will also be suitable for making the transition to open water kayaking. The Maverick G1 will also then take you onto entry level whitewater kayaking.

From £54.49 ex. VAT

Palm Maverick Pro 4-Piece Paddle


£141.67 ex. VAT £125.29 ex. VAT

Palm Maverick Pro Paddle

The Palm Maverick Pro is a great kayak paddle for the first time paddler. Whether you are looking to get into whitewater kayaking, or kayak surfing this will do the job. The Palm Maverick Pro comes in three sizes for a near perfect fit. This whitewater kayak paddle features a sanded fibreglass paddle shaft which measures in at 31.5mm diameter. It is then mounted with tough and durable nylon 6 glass reinforced paddle blades. The blades are off set at 45 degrees for a low wrist twist, the shaft also incorporates an ovalised shaft index grip. This helps to keep your hands correctly aligned on the shaft in relation to the blades.

From £88.44 ex. VAT

Palm Paddle Bag

The Palm Paddle Bag is the perfect way to store and transport your favourite paddle. Whether you have a Canoe, Kayak or a Sea Kayaking Paddle, there is always a paddle bag to fit it. This particular bag will easily fit 2-3 paddles depending on the exact type of paddle you have. There are two different carrying options of either a padded carry handle or an adjustable shoulder strap and the bag is heavily padded for protection.

From £62.65 ex. VAT

Robson Fluid FG

The Robson Fluid FG is a whitewater kayaking paddle that is designed for freestyle. This paddle has large powerful blades that are slightly tilted downwards so they will pass closely to the kayak. This kayak paddle features a fiberglass paddle shaft; this is then paired with two multi-layer fiberglass paddle blades. The paddle shaft features a slight oval on the lead hand, which helps to keep the hands correctly aligned against the paddle blades.

From £137.08 ex. VAT

Robson Pogo FG

The Robson Pogo FG is a whitewater kayak paddle that is perfect for river running. This paddle features a fiberglass paddle shaft and fiberglass paddle blades. The Robson Pogo paddle blades are asymmetric in shape; the paddle shaft also features a slight oval so it’s clear as to where you need to hold it. This is great for checking the blades are correctly positioned when doing an Eskimo Roll.

From £137.08 ex. VAT

Streamlyte Freeway Elite

The Streamlyte Freeway Elite is a top of the range whitewater kayak paddle that's designed to offer the best levels of performance in the most demanding of conditions. This paddle incorporates large lightweight carbon paddle blades that are mounted on an extreme carbon paddle shaft. This paddle is light in weight making it easy to handle whilst on the water, however due to the high pressure prepreg moulding they also deliver great levels of strength.

From £234.97 ex. VAT

Streamlyte Freeway Premier

The Streamlyte Freeway Premier, a high end kayaking paddle that is particularly well suited towards whitewater. Whether your creeking, river running or taking part in freestyle, this is a great option. Streamlyte paddles are fully manufactured and assembled here in the UK. The Streamlyte Freeway Premier kayak paddles features a fibreglass paddle shaft. This is then fitted with a pair of asymmetric blades which are made from a blend of glass and diolen to give the best levels of stiffness and durability.

From £205.13 ex. VAT

Streamlyte Kidzstix Foundation

The Streamlyte Kidzstix Foundation is a great first time kayak paddle for the smaller junior paddlers. This child’s paddle features a fibreglass paddle shaft which is partnered with a pair of short fibre reinforced polypropylene paddle blades that are asymmetric in shape. With junior paddlers in mind, both the glass paddle shaft and the paddle blades have been reduced in size. The paddle shaft is narrower than a regular shaft and the paddle blades are also reduced in surface area.

From £62.66 ex. VAT

Streamlyte Kinetix SX Enthusiast

The Streamlyte Kinetix SX is a mid-range whitewater kayak paddle that is designed and manufactured here in the UK. This paddle is ideal for river running, playboating or even a bit of kayak surfing. The Kinetic SX features a pair of asymmetric paddle blades, manufactured from injection moulded nylon 12. The paddle blades re then mounted on a semi carbon for greater strength at a reduced weight. This is a great option for paddlers who want the best levels of performance, durability, and strength without going to higher levels of cost.

From £132.03 ex. VAT

Streamlyte Riverstix Foundation

The Streamlyte Riverstix Foundation is a great entry level kayak paddle. This kayak paddle is perfect for learning basic skills in the pool, taking your first trip onto open water, and then challenging yourself with some basic whitewater. The Streamlyte Riverstix feature asymmetric paddle blades which feature a polypropylene construction, these are then mounted on a heavy-duty fibreglass paddle shaft. Whilst these kayaking paddles might not be the lightest, They do offer great levels of durability.

From £97.72 ex. VAT

TNP Asymmetric Kayak Paddle

The TNP Kayak Asymmetric is a versatile kayak paddle that's available in three different sizes. It is also available in both right hand and left hand options. This paddle features an alloy shaft that is fitted with kayak drip rings, the paddle shaft has also been slightly shaped in the hand areas to make it more ergonomic. The blades are made from a tough hard-wearing plastic which offers reasonable levels of stiffness.

From £44.54 ex. VAT

TNP Asymmetric Kayak Paddle Junior

The TNP Asymmetric Junior Kayak Paddle is a versatile option, offered in three sizes and available for both right and left-handed users. It comes with an alloy shaft, equipped with kayak drip rings for added convenience. The shaft is ergonomically shaped in the hand areas for improved comfort. The blades are constructed from durable plastic, providing reasonable stiffness.

From £37.08 ex. VAT
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