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Polo Balls and Pumps

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Mikasa Hand Pump


The Mikasa Hand Pump is a compact water polo ball pump designed for convenience. With a T-shaped handle for easy gripping, it includes a flexible hose and a pin adapter for ball inflation. Its small size allows for effortless storage in your kit bag.

£13.50 inc. VAT £12.06 inc. VAT

Mikasa Rubber Waterpolo Ball

The Mikasa Rubber Waterpolo Ball comes in three sizes, ensuring options for various preferences and needs. Crafted to meet the stringent guidelines and regulations established by both the BCU (British Canoe Union) and the ICF (International Canoe Federation), this ball guarantees quality and adherence to standards.

From £21.58 inc. VAT

Mikasa Rubber Waterpolo Ball - Olympic Ball

The Mikasa Rubber Waterpolo Ball - Olympic Ball is available in two different sizes. There is a gent’s size 5 and the ladies are best with the size 4. This ball is fully approved by FINA for Water polo. Mikasa have designed the Olympic ball to feature a long wearing buffed rubber cover and this then encases the double laminated bladder.

From £53.75 inc. VAT

Mikasa Rubber Waterpolo Heavyweight Training Ball

The Mikasa Rubber Waterpolo Heavyweight Training Ball is specially crafted to enhance your throwing and ball-handling skills. Available in two sizes, with size 5 tailored for men and size 4 suited for women, this heavy-duty water polo ball is designed to optimise your training experience.

From £32.21 inc. VAT

Rucanor Double Action Pump


The Rucanor double action pump is a small compact option that is ideal for inflating water polo balls. This water polo ball pump has a small compact body of about 6" in length, It then features a "t" handle for easy pumping. The  ball pump needle is easily and safely stored in the handle of the pump. The flexible connector hose is then clipped to the side of the pump so its easily available.

£11.99 inc. VAT £10.82 inc. VAT

Rucanor Dual Action Pump


The Rucanor Dual Action Pump includes a ball pump needle and a flexible connector hose for convenient use. Operating with a unique dual-action system, it inflates the water polo ball when the handle is pumped in both directions. The T-shaped handle ensures ease of use and houses the ball pump needle securely. With the flexible hose connected, there's no risk of misplacing it.

£11.99 inc. VAT £10.82 inc. VAT

Swimtech Water Polo Ball

The Swimtech Water Polo Ball is a premium rubber ball designed with a textured surface to provide exceptional grip while in the water. Ideal for both school and recreational water polo activities.

From £6.98 inc. VAT