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Black Diamond Cobra Viper Android Leash


Designed specifically for the Cobra and Viper ice tools, this has a quick- release clip that detaches from the shaft for moves in which you do not need tools or ice screw placements. A secure fit is found using the locking buckle adjuster. Fitted with a padded wrist strap reduces rubbing and skin aggravation, while evenly distributing the weight load. An essential buy with any Cobra or Viper ice tool.

£50.00 inc. VAT £46.33 inc. VAT

Black Diamond Pick and Adze Protector


A protector for your ice axe when in transit or on you pack when not in use. For the pick and adze of classic style mountaineering axes.

£7.00 inc. VAT £6.48 inc. VAT

Black Diamond Pick Protector


Cover for the pick of the ice axe made from tough TPU translucent plastic. An adjustable length of shock cord fitted around the shaft keeps the protector firmly on.

£5.00 inc. VAT £4.63 inc. VAT

Black Diamond Reactor Ice Tool


With its open pick angle and leashless design, the Reactor is optimized for pure ice climbing. The tool features a steel head with an aluminum side plate. The tool’s extruded aluminum shaft is combined with a dual density grip that is adjustable to fit all sizes of hands. The Reactor comes ready with the BD Natural Ice Pick, so get stoked … because winter is coming.

£260.00 inc. VAT £240.94 inc. VAT

Black Diamond Slider Leash


The updated Black Diamond Slider Leash features an ergonomic variwidth wrist loop that cinches for ultimate comfort and security while climbing with your piolet on classic mountaineering routes. A length adjustment buckle lets you dial in the ideal length.

£15.00 inc. VAT £13.90 inc. VAT

Black Diamond Slinger Leash

The Black Diamond Slinger Leash is a lightweight and elasticated single leash to tether your ice axe to your harness and keep it secure.

From £19.99 inc. VAT

Black Diamond Spike Protector


Cover for the ice axe spike made from tough TPU translucent plastic. An adjustable length of shock cord fitted around the shaft keeps the protector firmly on.

£5.00 inc. VAT £4.63 inc. VAT

Black Diamond Spinner Leash


For hard, technical ice or alpine climbing where you want to climb leashless but can't risk dropping a tool, the Black Diamond Spinner Leash provides a simple and secure solution. This lightweight elastic tether system stretches for maximum reach and the locking carabiners keep your tools securely connected to your harness. A built-in swivel ensures tangle-free climbing.

£55.00 inc. VAT £50.96 inc. VAT

Black Diamond Viper

The Black Diamond Viper has an adjustable upper hand rest which is easily secured or released with a quick Flick Lock system. The hand rest can be as low as the TPU hand grip or as high as the shaft mid-point. The hydroformed shaft extends through the grip for maximum rigidity and a responsive feel and as before the Viper still has a clip-able spike so it can be clipped with the Spinner Leash amongst other things. The Black Diamond Viper provides good all-round performance for ice and alpine climber.

From £203.86 inc. VAT

Blue Ice Bluebird Ice Axe

The Blue Ice Bluebird ice axe is primarily a classic lightweight ice tool that will be ideal for mountaineering, alpinism, expeditions and ski mountaineering / touring and secondly the Bluebird Ice Axe is a thing of true beauty.

From £124.66 inc. VAT

Blue Ice Pick/ Adze Protector


Compatible with all Blue Ice axes and with most ice axes on the market with their adjustable elastics, these blade and adze protections will keep your ice axe sharp and protect your equipment.

£14.00 inc. VAT £12.52 inc. VAT

DMM Apex

From £183.60 inc. VAT


From £112.00 inc. VAT

DMM Freedom Leash


Enjoy the benefits and freedom of leashless climbing without the risk of losing your tools with the DMM Freedom leash. Perfect for both beginner and advanced climbers tackling long committing routes and all round winter climbing.

£19.99 inc. VAT £18.36 inc. VAT

DMM Grippy Grip


The DMM Grippy tape allows the user to customise the grip on ice tools. Can also be used to replace worn out or damaged hand grips. To use simply remove the backing tape and apply tightly around the shaft or handle; keeping the tape taut but not too stretched.

£5.99 inc. VAT £5.50 inc. VAT

DMM Mixed Pick - Switch/Apex

From £32.12 inc. VAT