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Crampons and Ice Axes

Crampon Fitting ServiceWe are proud to provide a reknowned crampon fitting service for Cardiff and South Wales. Follow the link to find out more about the service we offer and what other areas we provide a fitting service for.

Please browse here before you visit or order online to see our range of mountaineering and climbing crampons from brands such as Black Diamond, Climbing Technology, Grivel and Kahtoola.

If you are looking for mountaineering and climbing crampons please head to our climbing crampons section.

When you visit us and you really should if you get the chance, make sure you come with plenty of time to make the most of our thorough crampon fitting service. Remember to bring your boots along that you want the crampons to fit.







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Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe With Grip

The Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe with Grip is a classic walkers and mountaineers axe with a rubber grip at the base of the shaft. It comes supplied with a Slider Leash for security.

From £82.35 ex. VAT

Climbing Technology Nevis 10 Point Flex


The Climbing Technology Nevis Flex 10 Point Crampons are ideal for glacier travel, classic Alpinism and winter hill walking where there are no steep slopes. The flexible adjustment bar and tough plastic heel cradle and toe straps enable them to be used with stiffer walking boots as well as mountain boots. The Nevis Flex 10 Point crampon comes with fitted anti-balling plates, two rapid adjustment size bars and a canvas storage bag included.

£75.00 ex. VAT £67.38 ex. VAT

DMM Spire Axe

The DMM Spire Axe has been designed to handle the demands of modern winter mountaineering. It's tough, yet still light enough for general walking and ski touring use. The lightweight tubing has been optimised to strike a fine balance that carries without effort and can still penetrate ice and cut steps when required.

From £55.39 ex. VAT

Edelrid Attila Tec

The Edelrid Attila Tec combines the advantages of a classic guides’ ice tool with a more technical design for steep ice. The foldout hand rest is ideal for more technical passages or leashless climbing.

From £81.22 ex. VAT

Grivel Explorer

The Grivel Explorer micro crampon is a sturdy and compact crampon, designed to be used in slippery terrain, with snow, ice and mud. Thanks to the shape of the rubber it adapts to many types of shoes and guarantees stability on the foot. The Explorer has 14 steel points with anti-corosion treament and a back lac to facilitate the fit.

From £28.40 ex. VAT

Grivel G Zero

The Grivel G Zero is a classic mountaineering axe, for winter hill and mountain walking, glacier travel and classic Alpine Peak bagging.

From £52.32 ex. VAT

Grivel G10


The Grivel G10 Classic 10-point crampon is suitable for both newcomers and for those who are regularly winter walking. The G10 crampon has 10 slightly rounded steel points 6 in the front part and 4 in the rear part, not too long in order to help the walk. The reg bar in the center of the crampon can be adjusted according to the size of the boot it going on.

£100.00 ex. VAT £89.69 ex. VAT

Kahtoola ExoSpikes

Kahtoola's go-to traction device that’s ready for anything. Designed for running or hiking adventures on a variety of surfaces, EXOspikes™ are at home on ice and snow as well as on dry, rocky ground. Twelve ultra-durable tungsten carbide spikes underfoot provide an impressive amount of grip when you need it, and stand up to rocks and other abrasive trail features when you don’t. All in a very lightweight package that can be easily stowed away in a backpack.

From £40.84 ex. VAT

Kahtoola KTS Crampons Tote Sack


The Kahtoola KTS Crampons Tote Sack is a crampon bag made from durable PVC-backed polyester and has a mesh bottom to let moisture drain out. It will hold the KTS crampons with a few little extras alongside or it can be used to carry a water bottle. For this reason it is also referred to as the Multi use Tote.

£10.83 ex. VAT £9.65 ex. VAT

Kahtoola KTS Steel

The Kahtoola KTS Steel uses the innovative Kahtoola® Traction System (KTS) which fits over all types of flexible footwear. The Steel version weighs just 662g and enable lighter flexible boots to be used where heavy mountain boots might normally be needed. For mountain travel and short glacier sections.

From £92.81 ex. VAT

Kahtoola MICROspikes

The Kahtoola MICROspikes are ideal for walking, hiking and running on snow-packed paths and trails or working on steep mud and grass. This pocket-sized traction system attaches easily to running, approach and everyday shoes as well as boots.

From £48.26 ex. VAT

Kahtoola NanoSpikes

The Kahtoola NanoSpikes feature a lightweight, durable and low-profile design that's been designed to improve the traction of your running footwear in winter conditions. They are simple to attach to your running shoes or walking boots, and make walking and training possible on iced pavements, roads and off-road paths. Although designed with runners in mind, these are also great for walkers that like to get out in the colder months. A handy carrying bag is included, to pack away and carry your NanoSpikes.

From £28.33 ex. VAT

Kahtoola Snow Release Skins


The Kahtoola Snow Release Skins are anti-balling plates to fit the Kahtoola® Traction System range of crampons. These help stop snow balling which reduces traction and makes your footwear heavier. They're only 45g in weight and made from reinforced neoprene so they don't freeze or crack.

£10.83 ex. VAT £9.65 ex. VAT

Petzl 4 Spiky Heel Points


The Petzl 4 Spiky Heel Points pack contains four spare points for the heel section of Petzl Spiky Crampons (all sizes). Replacement points for Petzl Spiky Crampon are made in two different sizes.

£5.82 ex. VAT £5.16 ex. VAT

DMM Spire Tech

The DMM Spire Tech is a modern, versatile and lightweight winter tool. The bent shaft and machined grips make it suitable for technical or sustained terrain when walking, mountaineering or ski touring. The refined design and rivetted construction result in a robust axe that weighs in at only 323g.

From £66.46 ex. VAT

Grivel Air Tech Evo


The Grivel Air Tech Evo is a technical 12-point crampon, suitable for routes with rock and ice, glacier walking and technical mountaineering. It has 12 short steel points, 8 of which are front and 4 rear. The position of the points is designed to keep the foot steady during ascents, descents and traverses. It adapts to any type of boot thanks to the regulation bar in the middle, we have chosen to range the New Matic Evo binding with the nylon basket at the front and the clip in heel for use on stiff B2 to B3 mountain boots for fast secure use.

£116.67 ex. VAT £104.64 ex. VAT