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Ferrules and Spigots

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Kajak Sport Shaft Adjustment Tube

The Kajak Sport Shaft Adjustment Tube pairs optimal construction together with high-end, reinforced carbon material to create this strong and precise adjustment tube, suitable for all kinds of paddles. Exact and equal wall thickness, smooth edges and highly rewarded Kajak sport shaft ferrule will make them the perfect adjustment system.

From £11.11 ex. VAT

Kajak Sport Shaft Ferrule

From £18.23 ex. VAT

Streamlyte Joining Spigot

The Streamlyte Joining Spigot is one of the many kayak paddle spare parts that we stock. This kayak paddle joiner is a great way to repair your broken kayak paddle. You can use it to make your own set of split kayak paddles. This paddle spigot it made of fibrerglass and comes in three different diameter options. There is a 26mm, 27mm and also a 28mm option. They then measure about 15cm in length.

From £7.60 ex. VAT

Streamlyte Jointing Kit

The Streamlyte Joining Kit is a very simple and effective way of turning your old kayak paddle into a new set of split kayak paddles. Once you have cut your old kayak paddle in half, you can simply add in this split paddle connector. You will be required to then drill the correct size hole for the metal button, you will end up with a set of split kayak paddles. This paddle joining kit is 15cm long and is round in shape. It also comes in three dimeters; 26mm, 27mm and also 28mm. This will fit the majority of kayak paddle shafts. This kayak paddle joiner, also comes with the metal spring button that will control the split kayak paddle when it needs to come apart.

From £13.45 ex. VAT

Streamlyte Metal Button


Replacement button for streamlyte split paddles

£5.83 ex. VAT £5.23 ex. VAT