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Daisy Chains and Aiders

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DMM Daisy Chains

The DMM Daisy Chains are 135cm Dynatec daisy chains for aid climbing progression. Full strength end to end, while the pockets are designed to hold body weight only, and should not be used to anchor directly to the belay.

From £22.15 inc. VAT

Grivel Daisy Chain Evo

Grivel's new daisy chain has a chain-link construction with  loops that are all individually rated to 23kN as oppose to 2kN on a standard daisy chain, meaning that it can be used as a cows-tail of varying lengths or even to equalise anchors at a belay. This makes it a versatile piece of kit for sport, trad, aid or big wall climbing.

From £36.77 inc. VAT

Metolius 5 Step Aiders

The Metolius 5 Step Aider is made from 25mm flat nylon webbing that is reinforced with Biothane (the stuff good haul bags are made from) to stiffen the steps, ensuring they always stay open for easy foot placement. The Aider has a classic, staggered, triangular step construction with useful sub-steps in the 2 top steps. This 5 Step Aider is tough, durable and functional with a reinforced clip-in point, full-strength grab loop and a dedicated clip-in point at the bottom for enchaining aiders without collapsing the bottom step.

From £52.02 inc. VAT

Metolius 8 Step Aiders

The Metolius 8 Step Aiders is a ladder-style construction with 8 steps for maximum ease of use. Biothane™ step stiffeners ensure that the steps always stay open. This aider offers a reinforced clip-in point, a full-strength grab loop and sub-steps in the top two steps. It also has a dedicated clip-in point at the bottom for enchaining aiders without collapsing the bottom step. For body weight only.

From £60.98 inc. VAT

Metolius Easy Daisy

The Metolius Easy Daisy's are a brilliant invention that speed up the whole aiding process. They can be drawn in quickly to get you high on the current piece and be released at the flick of a wrist so you can reach up for the next one.

From £35.87 inc. VAT

Metolius PAS 22 - Personal Anchor System


The Metolius PAS 22 Personal anchor system is made with double-wrapped 11mm Monster webbing. Each loop is individually sewn and rated to 22kN meaning no nasty surprises if you load it incorrectly like some daisy chains. It is safer, more convenient and more adjustable than using more conventional slings, quickdraws, or daisy chains at the anchor and can also be used to equalize anchors.

£30.00 inc. VAT £26.90 inc. VAT

Petzl Evolv Adjust


The Petzl Evolv Adjust is a positioning device with two arms allowing you to progress from one point to another, making it ideal for activities like aid climbing. The length of the arms goes from 15 to 150 cm allowing a huge reach, and the rubber ring holds the carabiner making clipping quick and hassle free.

£67.00 inc. VAT £59.54 inc. VAT