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Chalk and Buckets

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Black Diamond Mondito Chalk Pot


£20.00 inc. VAT £17.96 inc. VAT

Black Diamond Mondo Chalk Pot


£30.00 inc. VAT £26.94 inc. VAT

DMM Chalk Bag


Compact and simple chalk bag to hold chalk balls or loose chalk. Essential to any climber or boulderer.

£7.00 inc. VAT £6.19 inc. VAT

DMM Edge Boulder Chalk Bag

From £26.57 inc. VAT

Friction Labs Gorilla Grip


£20.00 inc. VAT £18.82 inc. VAT

La Sportiva Boulder Chalk Bag


Chalk bag perfect for bouldering and the gym.

£20.00 inc. VAT £17.88 inc. VAT

Mammut Boulder Chalk Bag

From £23.84 inc. VAT

Mammut Boulder Cube Chalk Bag

From £28.79 inc. VAT

Mammut Magic Boulder Chalk Bag


Boulder Chalk Bag or smaller boulder bucket where a Magic drawstring system makes it free standing or flat for storage.Drawstring system makes the Magic free standing or flat for storage Foam filling Extra secure closure mechanism (drawstring and zipper) Brush holder Magic Technology patent pending

£35.00 inc. VAT £31.28 inc. VAT

Mura Climbing Session Chalk


300g of pure loose chalk with no additives.Magnesium Carbonate No Additives

£6.00 inc. VAT £5.39 inc. VAT

OCUN Boulder Bag


Large volume fleece lined chalk bag / bucket for bouldering.Roll top closure Brush holders Zippered back pocket Open front pocket

£34.96 inc. VAT £31.01 inc. VAT