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Petzl Dual Canyon Guide


The Petzl Dual Canyon Guide is an adjustable double lanyard that's great for canyoning use. It's an easy-to-use lanyard for expert users and guides, as it allow progression on a lifeline with intermediate anchors and optimal positioning at an anchor. It attaches directly to the pin of the gated attachment point on the Canyon Guide harness. The Adjust rope adjuster has an ergonomic shape that allows for simple and quick length selection of the adjustable arm. The plastic sheaths hold the carabiners in position and help protect the stitching from abrasion.

£53.00 inc. VAT £47.06 inc. VAT

Beal DynaDoubleclip


The Beal DynaDoubleclip is a double dynamic rope lanyard with sewn endings for belaying and rappelling during big wall climbing and mountaineering. For added safety and durability, its seams are protected by a moulded sheath. It is lightweight, compact and is great for facilitating manoeuvres when rappelling, climbing or mountaineering.

£29.99 inc. VAT £26.47 inc. VAT

Beal DynaConnexion


The Beal DynaConnexion is a dynamic rope sling with sewn endings for use in big wall climbing and mountaineering. It has been developed by André Laperriere of the Mountain and Rock Climbing Federation of Quebec, it has a breaking load 22 kN and its seams are protected by a thermo-retractable sheath. The DynaConnexion is perfect for use on long routes or in mountaineering to shortlink into the belay, to facilitate rappelling or to extend a runner whilst climbing.

£28.99 inc. VAT £25.62 inc. VAT