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Eckla Foldable Uprights

From £80.22 inc. VAT

Eckla Uprights


The Eckla Uprights are supplied as a pair and make it easy to get 3-5 kayaks on your car roof rack. This does depend on the load rating of your car and also the width or your roof rack cross bars. The Eckla uprights are very aero dynamic due to the thin steel design. These upright bars are then coated for added performance, while the additional PVC tube offers basic protection to your kayak. The Eckla kayak uprights easily fit cross bars like the Thule SquareBar, however you will need an extra adapter to use them with bars such as the Thule WingBar. General Features -------------------- Supplied as a pair Supplied with fittings for Thule SquareBars Steel construction PVC Sleeve Coating for kayak protection Top Eyelet for securing roof rack straps --------------------

£34.99 inc. VAT £33.02 inc. VAT

Palm Upright Bars

From £50.30 inc. VAT

Thule Kayak Stacker


The Thule Kayak Stacker is a great way of getting extra kayaks on your car roof rack. They also fold flat when not in use, ideal for getting into your local car park! These kayak upright cars can assist with getting 3-4 kayaks on your car roof rack. However this does depend on the width of your load bars. They feature a good size u shape that also makes it easy to store your kayak paddles in the middle, this then helps to create extra space in the car. This kayak stacker comes supplied as a pair, they also come with one set of roof rack kayak straps. General Features -------------------- Supplied as a pair Supplied with a pair of roof rack kayak straps Fold flat when not in use -------------------- Weight - 2.7kg Height - 45.6cm Width - 18.9cm Depth - 6.6cm --------------------

£107.00 inc. VAT