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Watersports Helmets

We provide a range of helmets that are ideal for kayaking and canoeing, as well as other watersports use. This range includes models that are great for individual use. There are also models that are very well suited towards Group and Contract work.

All of our helmets comply to EN1385 (the standard for watersports helmets sold within the UK).

The most important thing about a helmet is that it fits properly. If you have any questions about sizing or adjustability, feel free to get in touch with us before ordering.

To provide a range of fit and style options we stock a wide variety of helmets, with options of  plastic or of composite materials, the latter tending to be more radical designs. Fullcut Helmets have shells and padding that come down below the ears. They offer the greatest level of protection, but some paddlers find sidecut, or halfcut helmets (cut over the top of the ears) more comfortable and convenient. Remember that brightly coloured helmets are more easily visible in white water, too. There's also Full Face Helmets which include chin and face guards, for those wanting ultimate protection.

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Canoe Polo Zone Clear Vis Faceguard


The Canoe Polo Zone Clear Vis faceguard is one of the best canoe polo face guards available. This canoe polo face guard has been designed to give the best levels of visibility and is easily attached to most kayaking helmets. The faceguard is secured to the helmet via 3 nuts and bolts that come supplied, it features a plastic coated metal construction and is finished in fashionable shade of black.General Features -------------------- Colour - Black Easy to Secure to the helmet Fits via 3 nuts and bolts - Supplied with nuts, bolts and washers --------------------

£33.00 inc. VAT £32.10 inc. VAT

Crewsaver Kortex Helmet

From £31.82 inc. VAT

Palm AP2000

From £36.59 inc. VAT

Palm AP4000


From £36.59 inc. VAT

Palm Shuck Full-Cut

From £88.72 inc. VAT

Palm Shuck Half-Cut

From £79.56 inc. VAT

Predator Freeride FR7W

From £86.42 inc. VAT

Predator Fullcut

From £60.23 inc. VAT

Predator Uno


From £60.23 inc. VAT

Spreu Boote Bumper Helmet

From £39.95 inc. VAT

Sweet EarPads

From £27.71 inc. VAT

Sweet Protection Rocker

From £184.67 inc. VAT

Sweet Protection Rocker Fullface

From £276.25 inc. VAT

Sweet Protection Strutter

From £165.60 inc. VAT

Sweet Protection Wanderer

From £120.18 inc. VAT