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Hydration Vests

Hydration Vests also known as Race Vests and Ultra Vests have become the standard running backpack for ultra marathons, endurance events and fell runs. They keep all pressure off your waist, stomach and internal organs and instead wrap your ribcage and upper body in a highly stable and comfortable manner. We provide a fitting service for race vests in store so that you too can say goodbye to bruised shoulders from bouncy running rucksacks and uncomfortable midriffs from tight bumbags and waist straps.





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INOV8 Ultrapac Pro 2in1

The INOV8 Ultrapac Pro 2in1 is a versatile running pack with 10-litre pocket that can be attached or removed easily, depending on how much kit you wish to carry. It can be worn as a stripped-back race vest for shorter, faster runs or, with the 10L pocket attached, as a larger pack to carry all your kit on ultramarathons and longer training runs. It comes with 2 x 500ml Ultraflasks, so you can stay hydrated and comfortable no matter how hot or long the run.

From £111.37 ex. VAT

INOV8 Ultrapac Pro 8

The INOV8 Ultrapac Pro 8 is an evolution of INOV8's award winning Race Ultra Pro 5 Vest. This pack boasts even greater comfort over long distances and enhanced ergonomics for ease of access to all your kit. Designed to mould and stretch with your body, the Ultrapac Pro 8 is perfect for anything from routine training sessions to ultramarathon events. Comes included with two 500ml Soft Flask that fit neatly into the dual storage pockets of the pack.

From £96.52 ex. VAT

Instinct Alpi 40L


The Instinct Alpi 40L is the pinnacle of versatility for endurance alpine athletes. It offers legendary stability, function and ergonomics suitable for a range of activities from trail running and hiking, to ski touring and mountaineering. The Alpi 40L is a premium quality pack that sits high on the back and incorporates intuitive storage and technical solutions that allow immediate access to your most important items and essentials. Compressed down, it fits like a low-profile trail pack. Fully loaded, it allows for multi-day adventures.

£225.00 ex. VAT £200.47 ex. VAT

Instinct Ambition 4.5L


The Instinct Ambition 4.5L is a minimalist, refined and performance orientated running hydration vest that will help you go further. This compact pack offers clever storage solutions, extreme functionality and a fit that's so natural you forget you're wearing it. It features adjustable sternum straps and Instinct's unique elastic side lacing system, allowing for a custom fit to almost any body type. Discover stability, liberty of movement, immediate access to storage and unconstrained breathing with the Instinct Ambition 4.5L.

£79.17 ex. VAT £70.54 ex. VAT

Instinct Eklipse 12L


The Instinct Eklipse 12L is an intuitive trail running vest that's highly functional, compact and weatherproof, the perfect solution for ultra distance racing or any longer runs. Perfect for any race up to +180km, the Eklipse is light, comfortable and expandable in volume proving itself as an extremely versatile pack. Pockets have been optimally positioned so you have easy access to all your essentials on the trail and lightweight & breathable 3D honeycomb mesh ensures ventilation and sweat dissipation without sacrificing strength or reliability.

£129.17 ex. VAT £115.09 ex. VAT

Instinct Ergo Bottle Pocket


The Instinct Ergo Bottle Pocket allows for extra storage of water, food and smaller essentials, great for use on multi-day stage races and adventures. It features small callipers that allow for easy and secure attachment to various points on your pack. Quick release buckles make it possible to remove the pocket if needed.

£29.17 ex. VAT £25.99 ex. VAT

Instinct Evolution 7L


The Instinct Evolution 7L is an intuitive trail running hydration vest that offers extreme versatility and minimal body contact. Its volume is adjustable to suit the requirements of your race and its high-sitting back placement allows for immediate & easy access to your hydration, poles and other essentials. The Evolution features adjustable front sternum straps and Instinct's unique side elastic lacing system, allowing for a custom fit to almost any body type.

£95.83 ex. VAT £85.39 ex. VAT

Instinct PX 3.1L


The Instinct PX 3.1L is a minimalist, lightweight and non-compressive running pack for carrying your essentials, a great option for road & trail running or even your next marathon. It features adjustable front sternum straps and Instinct's unique elastic side lacing system, which allows for a custom fit to almost any body type. Discover stability, absolute freedom of movement, immediate access to storage and unconstrained breathing with the Instinct PX 3.1L.

£70.83 ex. VAT £63.11 ex. VAT

Instinct X - 10L


The Instinct X - 10L is the ultimate ultra distance and training vest. The X offers aspiring trail runners & elites the most intelligent storage, function and versatility available. Discover phenomenal stability & comfort in any situation, the X achieves increased storage capacity while remaining ultra-compact, breathable, and with minimal body contact.

£120.83 ex. VAT £107.66 ex. VAT

Instinct X8 ? 18L


The Instinct X8 - 18L offers unrivalled function and versatility for ultra-distance racing, fast light hikes and multi season adventures. It features top & bottom horizontal mesh stretch pockets, a 2.5L water bladder pocket and has space to store a camping mat or tent underneath, as well as a variety of easy-access pockets to you can easily reach your essentials on-the-go.

£141.67 ex. VAT £126.23 ex. VAT

Instinct XX 20-24L


The Instinct XX 20-24L marks a new beginning for those seeking the ideal solution for multi-day trail races, ultra-distance events or self-sufficient adventures. It's evolutive in volume and offers intelligent, segmented storage that provides easy access to your essentials in the most critical conditions. Extreme function allows customization in how gear/clothing/food/hydration can be carried.

£183.33 ex. VAT £163.35 ex. VAT

OMM Ltd MountainFire 15 Vest 2 x 350ml Flexi Flask

The OMM Ltd MountainFire 15 Vest (with 2x 350ml Flexi Flasks) is a running hydration vest with a roll-top closure, that has extra capacity suited for longer runs and adventures. It comes complete with two 350ml OMM Flexi Flasks to keep you hydrated on the move and has an additional sleeve to add a bladder if needed. The MountainFire 15 is perfect for events such like a 2-day mountain marathon, as it offers space to pack additional emergency kit such as extra layers, dry food and first aid.

From £92.81 ex. VAT

OMM Ltd Phantom 18


The OMM Ltd Phantom 18 is a slimline, smaller capacity vest pack with the lightweight durability of Cordura. Great for adventure races, the Phantom 18 uses OMM's unique 7-point harness to stabilise your spine via another top yoke-style harness to provide you with the most stable carry possible. This yoke harness also frees up the shoulders, allowing for a more energy-efficient running action. Dual V-shaped anchors hug the waist to provide a secure fit and control bounce and swing when on uneven ground.

£133.33 ex. VAT £118.80 ex. VAT

OMM Ltd Phantom 25


The OMM Ltd Phantom 25 is a large capacity vest pack with lightweight durability thanks to its Cordura construction. This unique pack has a 7-point harness that connects the pack with the users spine via a top yoke-style harness, providing the most stable possible carry. The phantom 25 combines the capacity of a pack with the accessibility of a vest and is ideal for multi-day racing or ultra challenges where regular stops to grab kit aren't possible.

£166.67 ex. VAT £148.50 ex. VAT

OMM Ltd TrailFire Vest 2 x 350ml Flexi Flask

The OMM Ltd TrailFire Vest is a 3 litre capacity, multi-pocket running vest suitable for light everyday runs and races. It comes with two 350ml Flexi Flask bottles and has space for an extra 2 litre bladder in the back. It also has stretch mesh and bindings that hold kit close to the body and eliminate bounce when carrying minimal kit. The TrailFire is stripped back for essentials only so you can be free to run without having to worry about staying hydrated.

From £55.69 ex. VAT

OMM Ltd UltraFire 5 Vest 2 x 350ml Flexi Flask

The OMM UltraFire 5 vest is a 5 litre, multi-pocket running vest when you need extra layers on longer or cold weather runs. It comes with 2 x 350ml Flexi Flask bottles and has 7 easy-access pockets for everything you need access to during a run. There's then an additional water-resistant 5 litre roll-top back pocket allows you to carry extra dry kit on longer colder days.

From £74.25 ex. VAT