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Kayak Paddles (Two Piece)

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Palm Drift 2-Piece Paddle

The Palm Drift 2-Piece Paddle presents an excellent choice for sit-on-top and inflatable kayaks. This kayak paddle consists of two pieces, providing practicality and affordability. The aluminum alloy shaft, equipped with a central push-button spigot, ensures convenience. The paddle features glass-reinforced polypropylene blades, offering optimal stiffness. Additionally, it comes with paddle drip rings to prevent water from running down the shaft and keeping your hands dry.

From £47.91 ex. VAT

TNP Asymmetric Touring Paddle Two-Piece

The TNP Asymmetric is a 2 piece split kayak paddle that's perfect for using with sit-on-top kayaks and inflatable kayaks. This paddle features an alloy shaft that incorporates a central spigot, this is simply pressed and it will split the paddles in half. The blades are made from a tough, durable and hardwearing plastic. The shaft comes complete with kayak drip rings that will help prevent water running down the paddle shaft.

From £48.26 ex. VAT

Streamlyte Kinetic Tour Foundation Leverlock

Steamlyte Kinetic Tour Foundation Leverlock paddle

From £153.88 ex. VAT