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Palm Current Pogies


The Palm Current Mitts, or as the older paddlers may know them... Kayaking Pogies! These kayak pogies are a true blast from the past. They are easily attached to a kayak paddle shaft via a Velcro strip and they will offer good protection from the wind, rain and also the sun. The Palm Current mitts feature a fleece liner on the top side and a partial fleece liner on the base. Around the wrist there is then a draw cord which is easily tensioned to give a better seal, while the front seam of the paddle mitts also features reflective detailing.General Features -------------------- Nylon Shell Top half - fully fleece lined Bottom half - partially fleece lined Reflective detailing on the front Drawcord wrist adjustment --------------------

£42.00 inc. VAT £36.61 inc. VAT

Palm Descent Pogies


The Palm Descent Pogies are great for adding extra warmth and comfort to your hands on winter paddling trips. They are also simple and easy to use.

£42.00 inc. VAT £36.61 inc. VAT

Palm Grab Gloves

From £22.67 inc. VAT

Palm High Five Gloves

From £14.82 inc. VAT

Palm High Ten Gloves

From £18.31 inc. VAT

Palm Hook Gloves

From £31.38 inc. VAT

Palm NeoFlex Gloves

From £18.31 inc. VAT

Palm Pro Gloves

From £39.23 inc. VAT

Palm Talon Mitts

From £25.28 inc. VAT

Palm Throttle Gloves

From £32.26 inc. VAT

Peak UK Gloves

From £22.69 inc. VAT

Peak UK Open Palm Mitt

From £21.86 inc. VAT

Peak UK Pogies


The Peak UK nylon pogies are great for paddling in colder climates and winter. They ensure warmth yet are breathable and lightweight. They are an essential for training in cold conditions. General Features -------------------- 2 Layer Fabric Construction Fully Taped Seams Use by securing to a paddle shaft - Velcro Closure System - Neoprene Seal closure to paddle shaft Drawstring Closure on the Wrists Small Clip to keep them secured as a pair Reflective Detailing --------------------

£40.00 inc. VAT £34.92 inc. VAT

Yak Neoprene Paddle Mitt


The Yak Neoprene paddle mitts offer extra warmth and comfort, they are great for use on winter kayaking trips. These kayak mitts are easily secured to your paddle via a Veclro secured opening. The Yak kayak paddle mitts feature a neoprene construction that incorporates glued and blind stitched seams for the best levels of performance. They also have a very fine fleece liner on inside of the top panel that gives extra warmth. In the neck of the paddle mitt there is also a small gasket, this helps to prevent water getting in. General Features -------------------- Neoprene Construction Glued and Blind Stitched Seams Fleece Liner on the Top Secures to a kayak paddle via a Velcro Flap Internal wrist gasket to prevent water ingress --------------------

£22.50 inc. VAT £20.54 inc. VAT

Yak Open Palm Mitt

From £20.54 inc. VAT