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Founded as Moorhouse Engineering in 1981, DMM have been based at their factory in Llanberis, North Wales, since 1986. They still work to the premise of the founding directors, to make the best possible equipment at the best price. 

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DMM 10mm Equal D

The DMM 10mm Equal D karabiner offers the perfect balance of strength, usability and weight. A long standing favourite in DMM's height safety range, the 10mm Equal D is available with a choice of 3 gate closure systems, you can choose between a traditional screwgate, a 2-way kwiklock or a 3 way locksafe. Which ever you opt for, they all feature a 15mm gate opening for loading things and all three are zinc plated to prevent and protect against corrosion.

From £10.71 ex. VAT

DMM 10mm Oval

The DMM 10mm Oval is a steel carabiner that's perfect for use with pulleys. The steel construction is lighter in weight than some of the alternatives, but it still delivers great levels of strength. Compact, strong and hard wearing, yet incredibly versatile in application. The oval shape centralises loaded connectors, slings, pulleys etc. minimising the unnerving jumping of equipment associated with D shaped connectors.

From £10.71 ex. VAT

DMM 12mm Boa HMS

The DMM 12mm Boa is a great steel carabiner with a wide variety of applications. Whether using in a commercial work environment, outdoor adventure parks or outdoor education centres - this is a steel karabiner capable of many jobs. It has all the versatility of its alloy sibling, but has a rated strength of 40kN. It can be used for many applications where a large gate opening or high internal volume are required. The smooth rounded internal form is very useful when rotating the karabiner through attachment eyes, and the basket curves nicely to allow central hanging of loaded components.

From £13.29 ex. VAT

DMM 12mm Klettersteig

The DMM 12mm Klettersteig is a steel carabiner that offers high levels of strength whilst combining a large gate opening so its easy to clip on steel cables for use on a Via Ferrata. The Klettersteig shape takes the strength and volume increases of an Offset D and then extends them even further to give a high volume, super-strong connector. The Klettersteig’s wide gate opening makes it particularly suitable for clipping oversized items, or simply allows ease of use in more normal situations.

From £13.29 ex. VAT

DMM 12mm Offset D

The DMM 12mm Offset D is a locking steel karabiner that is ideal for use in commercial environments, such as work positioning or in outdoor adventure parks and education centres. An Offset D connector takes the spinal loading strength of a D-shaped back but extends the basket at one end to maximize gate opening and overall size without compromising ergonomics and weight. Cold forged from 12mm bar, the strengths achieved in testing exceed 45kN and it is first choice in applications requiring stronger connectors in their systems.

From £13.29 ex. VAT

DMM 30kN Boa HMS Keylock

The DMM 30kN Boa HMS Keylock is the heavier duty version of the 25kN Boa, it is hot forged from 14mm bar which gives it the 30kN major axis rescue that's required for rescue loads. Its ergonomics ensure that it is still easily operated whilst wearing gloves and the curved basket copes with even the busiest rigging set ups, allowing devices to settle comfortably.

From £14.77 ex. VAT

DMM Alpha Sport Quickdraw

The DMM Alpha Sport Quickdraw uses a clip friendly biner that DMM call the Alpha Clip. It has a easy to handle, grippy shape, generous 8.5mm rope radius. The gate itself has a flared out barrel shape and DMM declare this to be the most clip friendly they have ever made. The variable width tape (26mm and it's widest) is easy to grab and comfortable when pulling back up the route after a fall.

From £19.93 ex. VAT

DMM Alpha Sport Quickdraw - 6 Pack

The DMM Alpha Sport Quickdraws (6 Pack) are highly tough and durable quickdraws that are comfortable and easy to use, so you'll never want to stop climbing! With a solid gate carabiner for the bolt end, and a bent gate carabiner for the rope end, the Alpha delivers unparalleled handling with super easy clipping.

From £110.78 ex. VAT
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