Established in 1977
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Founded as Moorhouse Engineering in 1981, DMM have been based at their factory in Llanberis, North Wales, since 1986. They still work to the premise of the founding directors, to make the best possible equipment at the best price.

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DMM 10mm Equal D

From £11.47 inc. VAT

DMM 10mm Oval

From £11.47 inc. VAT

DMM 12mm Boa HMS

From £14.68 inc. VAT

DMM 12mm Klettersteig

From £14.68 inc. VAT

DMM 12mm Offset D

From £14.68 inc. VAT

DMM 16mm Nylon Quickdraw Sling

Where weight is less of an issue Nylon comes into its own. The Nylon 16mm has the same strength as DMM's Dyneema slings, but because there is physically more material they offer a greater safety margin should the sling be dragged over a sharp edge.

From £3.54 inc. VAT

DMM 30kN Boa HMS Keylock

From £17.44 inc. VAT

DMM 30kN Boa HMS Keylock iD


The heavy duty version of the 25kN Boa looks very similar, but is hot forged from 14mm rather than 12mm bar to give it the 30kN major axis rating required for rescue loads. The massive curved basket copes with even the busiest rigging set up and still allows devices to settle comfortably. The impressive size and ergonomics ensure it can be operated by even the largest hands with the chunkiest of gloves.

£25.99 inc. VAT £23.02 inc. VAT
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