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White Water

Cags suitable for River Use

A canoe or kayak cag is an over-the-head style jacket that has seals on the waist, wrist and neck. The cag offers protection from wind and rain while the seals help to keep water out. With buoyancy aids and helmets, it's the most basic item of clothing for paddlers.

Styles of Cag

If you're after a cag for salt water use, have a look at our Sea and Touring cag section. If you are looking for cags for outdoor centre or group work look at our range of Centre Canoe Cags. For river paddling, read on!

River cags come in a few different styles: summer weight, semi dry and dry, and the quality of wrist and waist seals varies from basic velco closures to very techy latex and neoprene options. A double waist seal, for example, will give you less leakage around the spray deck.

Palm Vector Paddle Top - An entry level cag Nookie Assault Shell - A full dry cag

Basic summer cags usually have a neoprene neck with a velcro adjuster. This makes them very easy to get on and off and offers ventilation on warm days. The wrist seals usually follow the same style, or have a non adjustable neoprene seal.

Semi Dry cags are fitted with a non adjustable neoprene neck which gives a good seal and is pretty comfortable. They usually have latex wrist seals to give the driest available option. Look at these for a good all round cag.

Dry Cags give you maximum protection from the elements, with latex and neoprene on all seals. Expect a high quality cag in every way, with well thought-out features and cut. The only way of improving on this is to use a full dry suit. For maintainence of latex seals, we have a Seal Saver Treatment from Stormsure, in the Equipment Service and Repair section.


For newcomers to the sport who want a basic entry level cag for mainly use in the summer with easily adjustable wrists, waist and neck we suggest the Palm Vector, Yak Quest and the Yak Strobe. The Palm Vector and the Yak Quest are also available in kid's sizes.

Intermediate paddlers who want a cag suitable for basic white water could look at a semi dry options. These models have a non adjustable neoprene neck that will offer a tight seal. We suggest the Palm Kinetic, Nookie Airhead or the Yak Force, but there are plenty of choices in this range. The Yak Fusion , for example, is a good breathable option for warmer weather as it is a short sleeve cag. Ladies should look at the Palm Lara for an excellent women's fit semi dry option.

If you are looking to paddle more challenging water (or just like to be warm and dry!), consider a dry cag like the ever-popular Palm Sidewinder or the Nookie Assault. For paddlers who suffer with latex neck seals you might want to consider the Nookie Zone. For the ladies, there is the Palm Naiya.

Palm  do Dry trousers that do match their selection of cags..

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Palm Atom Jacket

From £185.26 ex. VAT

Palm Rocket Kid's Jacket

From £74.10 ex. VAT

Palm Surge Jacket

From £141.67 ex. VAT

Palm Velocity Jacket

From £108.98 ex. VAT

Palm Vertigo Jacket

From £83.55 ex. VAT

Palm Zenith Jacket

From £123.50 ex. VAT

Palm Zenith Shortsleeve Jacket

From £105.34 ex. VAT

Palm Zenith Women's Jacket

From £123.50 ex. VAT

Peak UK Combi Jacket

From £130.94 ex. VAT

Peak UK Creek


The Peak UK Creek is a top of the range whitewater paddling cag. The Creek uses a fully articulated cut along with tough breathable fabric to give a bombproof jacket.Articulated cut with bent elbows Fully taped seams Breathable and durable X4 heavy weight nylon with 25m waterproofing Ripstop Cordura shoulders and elbows Latex inner neck with supersoft neo outer cone seal Latex inner wrists with Aquaout outer seals Aquaout outer waist, X4 fabric inner and grippy elastic Sewn hole drainage system between neck seals and elbow fabric Option of adding high impact resistant elbow, shoulder and back pads for extreme creaking action (sold separately)

£232.50 ex. VAT £203.40 ex. VAT

Peak UK Deluxe X2.5 Jacket

From £160.04 ex. VAT

Peak UK Deluxe X3 Jacket

From £185.50 ex. VAT

Peak UK Freeride Jacket

From £141.86 ex. VAT

Peak UK Neoskin Combi Sleeves

From £18.19 ex. VAT