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Aquapac Keymaster


The Aquapac Keymaster, as the name suggests in a rather theatrical way, is a waterproof baggie for your keys. Also suitable for smaller mp3 players and minuscule phones, so even better than the name implies.

£13.33 ex. VAT £11.88 ex. VAT

HF Equipment Dry Pack Transparent

The HF Equipment Dry Pack Transparent is a highly versatile dry bag that is available in 5 different sizes. There are available in 6L, 12L, 20L, 40L and to ensure you can take everything you need, there is also a 60L. These kayak drybags are made from a reinforced translucent foil, this makes the bags very light internally and enables you to see easily whats inside the bag. The material that HF have used in these drybags, whilst being tough and durbale, it is also quite soft. This ensures a tight and efficient roll can be made on the top to seal them. In order to keep your items safe and secure, they all feature a round base. This has then been finsihed which has a bottom loop for securing them into a canoe or your kayak.

From £17.07 ex. VAT

Jobe Waterproof Gadget Bag


The Jobe Waterproof Gadget Bag is the most versatile waterproof phone case there is. Its waterproof, it has a triple seal to keep the water out and it also floats. A floating phone case - Genius! This is the perfect mobile phone case for use on your stand up paddle board adventures.

£11.66 ex. VAT

Ortlieb Heavyweight Drybag

Tested on trails and paths across the globe, the Ortlieb Heavyweight Drybag is a testament to its durability and versatility. Crafted from one of Ortlieb's toughest heavy-duty materials, the PS490 dry bags are built to endure a wide range of challenges.

From £20.00 ex. VAT

Ortlieb Mediumweight Drybag

The Ortlieb Mediumweight Drybags offer excellent value and come with all the essential features. They have a proven roll closure system and a single stiffener bar, guaranteeing complete waterproofing, exceptional protection and efficient packing capacity.

From £15.55 ex. VAT

Palm First Aid Carrier Drybag


The Palm First Aid Carrier is a 3L dry bag designed for first aid purposes. Its transparent construction allows for quick and easy visibility of your kit's contents, while the prominent First Aid Logo ensures straightforward identification.

£18.33 ex. VAT £16.21 ex. VAT

Palm First Aid Organiser Drybag


The Palm First Aid Organiser offers an effective solution for your first aid kit needs. This waterproof dry bag incorporates a fold-out organiser, allowing you to conveniently pack various essential items for your kayaking expeditions into its multiple pockets.

£20.83 ex. VAT £18.42 ex. VAT

Yak Dry Bag with Molle

The Yak Dry Bag with Molle is crafted from robust 500D PVC material, ready to accompany you on your upcoming adventures. This durable material is enhanced by the special Molle slot system, which utilises standard lash tab spacing for effortless attachment of extra accessory packs, Velcro straps, carabiners, lights, or anything else you desire.

From £15.16 ex. VAT

Yak Dry Phone Case


The Yak Dry Phone Case will keep your phone close to you and protected from the elements at all times. It's been designed to accommodate most smartphone sizes and its dual-clamp system is easy to operate, even when wearing gloves. It features a crystal-clear panel that provides full touchscreen functionality and excellent photo quality. The Yak Dry Phone Case is rated to IPX8 for continuous submersion and has an edge 'air bumper' for protection from any knocks.

£12.50 ex. VAT £11.37 ex. VAT

Yak Lightweight Dry Bag Set


The Yak Lightweight Dry Bag Set is a cost-effective set of 3 different sized drybags to accommodate your smaller items with ease. They're made from lightweight rip-stop nylon and pack down to practically nothing when not in use. Although lightweight, they are still rated to IPX4 which means they will withstand splashes from any direction, making then ideal for use anywhere they won't be submerged fully.

£16.67 ex. VAT £15.16 ex. VAT

Watershed Salmon Stowfloat

The Watershed Salmon Stowfloat is a handy float bag that provides kayakers with the ease of rescue if they swim, plus the added benefit of having a place to keep your dry gear. The Salmon is made to fit in a wide range of boats.

From £122.10 ex. VAT

Jobe Drybag

The Jobe Drybag is offered in three varying size choices: 10L, 20L, and 40L. These dry bags are perfect for stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing, and kayaking. Each dry bag size comes with a side grab handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport. The bags are equipped with a roll-top closure, and internally, there is a secondary collar that further improves the seal. Once rolled and secured, it's held in place with a buckle.

From £18.33 ex. VAT

Watershed Futa Stowfloat

The Watershed Futa Stowfloat combines storage and flotation, ensuring ease of rescue in case of a swim and providing a dry gear compartment for paddlers. It is versatile, fitting various boat sizes, and includes a long inflate/deflate tube for convenient buoyancy adjustments.

From £122.10 ex. VAT

Exped First Aid Dry Bag

The Exped First Aid Dry Bag is a definite essential for any walker, hiking, traveler or outdoor enthusiast! To add your kit into or to build your kit up from. This is a lightweight, dustproof, waterproof, packable first aid dry bag with a roll-top closure. The small size is great and compact, the medium is an oval shape with a more 3D volume design to pack more in.

From £9.82 ex. VAT

Life Systems Waterproof First Aid Kit


The Life Systems Waterproof First Aid Kit is a tough and waterproof drybag that houses a first aid kit and its contents. It has an internal quick-find system that makes it a great choice for all outdoor enthusiasts. It contains plenty of classic first aid equipment and also features items for injuries typically sustained from watersports (such as a resusci-aid), making it an important product for anyone canoeing, kayaking and rafting.

£29.16 ex. VAT £25.84 ex. VAT

Zone3 Waterproof Phone Pouch


The Zone3 Waterproof Phone Pouch is the perfect accessory for protecting your phone during open water adventures.

£7.92 ex. VAT £7.41 ex. VAT
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