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Ortlieb X-Plorer Kit Bag

The X-Plorer is a fantastic combination of a dry bag and a rucksack. The X-Plorer is made from a waterproof and tear resistant material and has a simple roll'n'snap closure which gives the X-Plorer it's adaptable packing volume to suit each individual trip.

From £55.56 ex. VAT

Ortlieb X-Tremer Sack

There are three things that you need for a new adventure: a little bit of courage, optimal equipment and the sturdy Ortlieb X-Tremer Sack. Both sizes are huge, and true alternatives to rigid boxes and bulky barrels. Also suitable as protective cover for luggage. And when empty, they are easy to fold flat into a little package.

From £77.78 ex. VAT

Palm River Trek Drybag

The Palm River Trek Drybag is a highly versatile open canoe rucksack that is available in 4 different size options, There is a River Trek 50L, 75L, 100L and also a River Trek 125L for the person who needs to carry lots of kayak gear. This drybag rucksack is ideal for use on a Canadian canoe expedition, as it will protect your equipment from the water.

From £70.02 ex. VAT

Up and Under Barrel

The Up and Under Barrel is the perfect solution for keeping all of your camping equipment dry, whilst on an overnight canoe camping trip. This barrel is available in two sizes, 30L and 60L. The smaller 30L is great for use an a one day canoe trip.

From £38.26 ex. VAT

Watershed Big Creek Backpack

The Watershed Big Creek Backpack offers airtight, submersible storage in a small day pack size. It works well for small cameras and a few towels for a day at the beach or a carry bag for water fowling in flooded timber.

From £114.46 ex. VAT

Watershed Chattooga Duffel

The Watershed Chattooga is one of the most versatile duffels. It can be used as a large first aid kit for a group expedition, a small ditch bag for blue-water sailing, a blind bag for waterfowl hunting, you name it! People come up with new uses for Watershed bags every day, and the Chattooga offers a wide range of possibilities.

From £114.46 ex. VAT

Watershed Colorado Duffel


The Watershed Colorado Duffel as popular for long-term river tripping as the river it is named after. Used by raft guides around the globe, the Colorado will carry enough gear for one person on a multi day expedition. This bag works equally well as a cartop or pickup bed waterproof bag to provide extra gear storage on road trips. It also works as a storage bag for wet, muddy gear such as waders or drysuits.

£183.33 ex. VAT £167.89 ex. VAT

Watershed Ocoee Duffel

The Watershed Ocoee Duffel Dry Bag is a top choice for keeping your gear dry during wet adventures. It's one of Watershed's most popular and fully submersible duffels. The Ocoee has a single storage area sealed with Watershed's unique ZipDry closure. It boasts sturdy carry handles with comfortable neoprene grips and secure roll-down closure with two sizeable buckles. This bag is constructed from ultra-durable materials with high-pressure radio wave-welded seams.

From £99.20 ex. VAT

Watershed Yukon Duffel

The Watershed Yukon Duffel offers the perfect capacity for river expeditions lasting 2-5 days. It can easily accommodate a summer-weight sleeping bag, a tent, and some equipment. Alternatively, it can be paired with other Watershed bags to store food during group trips. Additionally, it serves as an excellent all-inclusive emergency bag for extended marine journeys.

From £137.36 ex. VAT

Yak Dry Holdall

The Yak Dry Holdalls are super durable and waterproof bags made from 500D PVC, which will keep your kit clean and dry in even the harshest environments. They come in three generous sizes that will accommodate everything you need for your next adventure. The Yak Dry Holdall features a tradition roll-top design which ensures there are zo zips that could potentially fail, whilst top and side straps make sure the bag will stay sealed, even when compressed.

From £41.68 ex. VAT

Aquapac Keymaster


The Aquapac Keymaster, as the name suggests in a rather theatrical way, is a waterproof baggie for your keys. Also suitable for smaller mp3 players and minuscule phones, so even better than the name implies.

£13.33 ex. VAT £11.88 ex. VAT

Jobe Waterproof Gadget Bag


The Jobe Waterproof Gadget Bag is the most versatile waterproof phone case there is. Its waterproof, it has a triple seal to keep the water out and it also floats. A floating phone case - Genius! This is the perfect mobile phone case for use on your stand up paddle board adventures.

£11.66 ex. VAT

Zone3 Waterproof Phone Pouch


The Zone3 Waterproof Phone Pouch is the perfect accessory for protecting your phone during open water adventures.

£7.92 ex. VAT £7.41 ex. VAT

HF Equipment Dry Pack Transparent

The HF Equipment Dry Pack Transparent is a highly versatile dry bag that is available in 5 different sizes. There are available in 6L, 12L, 20L, 40L and to ensure you can take everything you need, there is also a 60L. These kayak drybags are made from a reinforced translucent foil, this makes the bags very light internally and enables you to see easily whats inside the bag. The material that HF have used in these drybags, whilst being tough and durbale, it is also quite soft. This ensures a tight and efficient roll can be made on the top to seal them. In order to keep your items safe and secure, they all feature a round base. This has then been finsihed which has a bottom loop for securing them into a canoe or your kayak.

From £17.07 ex. VAT

Jobe Drybag

The Jobe Drybag is offered in three varying size choices: 10L, 20L, and 40L. These dry bags are perfect for stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing, and kayaking. Each dry bag size comes with a side grab handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport. The bags are equipped with a roll-top closure, and internally, there is a secondary collar that further improves the seal. Once rolled and secured, it's held in place with a buckle.

From £18.33 ex. VAT
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