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Eckla Beach Rolly


The Eckla Beach Rolly is an indispensable item for any family beach vacation. This foldable beach trolley is perfect for transporting all your necessities from the car to your preferred spot on the beach. Once you've reached your destination, it conveniently transforms into a deck chair. Its aluminum frame easily folds flat for transportation, and the wheels can be effortlessly detached, simplifying storage.

£124.99 ex. VAT £114.46 ex. VAT

Ticket To The Moon Beach Blanket

The Ticket To The Moon Beach Blanket is a multi-purpose 'beach blanket' that provides an instant and convenient seating option, as well as doubling up as a wind/sun shield. It features integrated tent peg loops and corner pockets (for sand or rocks) so you can make sure it stays in place. Comes with its own detachable Full Moon Pouch for ease of transport.

From £24.19 ex. VAT

Jobe Waterproof Gadget Bag


The Jobe Waterproof Gadget Bag is the most versatile waterproof phone case there is. Its waterproof, it has a triple seal to keep the water out and it also floats. A floating phone case - Genius! This is the perfect mobile phone case for use on your stand up paddle board adventures.

£11.66 ex. VAT

Zone3 Waterproof Phone Pouch


The Zone3 Waterproof Phone Pouch is the perfect accessory for protecting your phone during open water adventures.

£7.92 ex. VAT £7.34 ex. VAT