Established in 1977
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Eckla Sit on Top Trolley 260


The Eckla Sit on Top Trolley 260 is designed for effortless transport of sit-on-top kayaks with moulded scupper plugs to the water's edge. However, if you require a kayak fishing trolley with a higher loading capacity, the C-Tug Trolley is a recommended alternative.

£83.33 ex. VAT £76.31 ex. VAT

Eckla Axle Pin


The Eckla Axle Pin is the retaining pin to keep your trolleys wheels in place. Keep a spare - your trolley is useless without!

£0.83 ex. VAT £0.78 ex. VAT

Eckla Inner Tube

The Eckla Inner Tube is a replacement inner tube for the wheels on your eckla trolley. Keep in your bag just in case you need to do a repair.

From £5.48 ex. VAT

Eckla Spare Wheel

The Eckla Spare Wheels will replace worn out or lost parts of your existing canoe trolley, or give yourself a range of different sized wheels for use on different terrains.

From £19.60 ex. VAT