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Clean, Reproof and Repair

Clean, re-proof and care for your outdoor clothing

Warning! Household detergent may seriously impair the ability of your clothing to breathe and could damage your durable water repellancy!

All waterproof clothing will need to be reproofed over time, and all outdoor garments will need to be cleaned! How often will depend on their usage, materials and age. A good guide for waterproofs is if rain doesn't run off as well as it used to it's time to wash and reproof. Most outdoor clothing is designed to wick and breathe and so needs to be clean in order to function and even down needs to be clean in order to help trap warm air effectively.


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Grangers Active Wash


Grangers active wash for washing sports gear Removes dirt and odours. Reduces kit drying times. Maximises wicking performance. Effective at low wash temperatures.

£8.50 inc. VAT £7.56 inc. VAT

Grangers Clothing Repel


Grangers Clothing Repel is a wash-in product designed to restore the water-repellent finish found on all outdoor and technical clothing.Formulated to restore the water-repellent finish found on outdoor clothing. Fluorocarbon-free and environmentally responsible. Best when applied to a clean garment – we recommend using Grangers Performance Wash. Suitable for use on all Gore-Tex® and eVent garments. Effective without heat activation. A bluesign® system approved product.

£9.50 inc. VAT £8.38 inc. VAT

Grangers Down Care Kit


A 2-in-1 down washing kit to restore loft, clean and re-proof your down jacket300 ml bottle Grangers Down Wash+Repel 3 reusable dryer balls

£15.76 inc. VAT £14.02 inc. VAT

Grangers Down Wash Kit


Designed to Restore Loft and Remove Odours. Provides complete protection for down filled clothing Contains <5 % non-ionic surfactants, preservative(1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one, 2-methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one).

£10.50 inc. VAT £9.35 inc. VAT

Grangers Down Wash Kit (OWP)


£11.26 inc. VAT £10.20 inc. VAT

Grangers Performance Repel Plus


£9.50 inc. VAT £8.38 inc. VAT

Grangers Performance Wash

From £4.68 inc. VAT

Grangers Wash and Repel


Clothing Cleaning and Re-Waterproofing Agent. Perfect for outdoor performance clothing that is dirty or no longer waterproof

£10.50 inc. VAT £9.25 inc. VAT

McNett Tenacious Tape Gore-Tex Fabric Patches


A selection of mid weight GoreTex patches for repairing small holes and tears in GoreTex fabrics.

£8.99 inc. VAT £8.14 inc. VAT

Nikwax Down Proof


Concerned about the problems of down getting wet? This will help to alleviate those fears and revitalise your kit. Most people shouldn't need it but it may be useful if you need to keep weight to a minimum but are travelling in damp conditions.

£7.49 inc. VAT £6.67 inc. VAT

Nikwax Down Wash Direct


Clean Duck and Goose Down Fill Waterproof and DWR Clothing. Wash-in waterproofing for breathable fabrics and for re-instating durable water-repellency to non-waterproof fabrics

£6.76 inc. VAT £5.95 inc. VAT

Nikwax Polar Proof


Helps to maintain the air gap between the knit and weave of fleece and fibre pile clothing, keeping the wearer warm and comfortable while repelling water from the surface in wet or humid conditions.

£6.49 inc. VAT £5.78 inc. VAT

Nikwax Tech Wash

From £1.76 inc. VAT

Nikwax TX.Direct Spray-On


The spray on version is ideal for clothing that has a fleece lining where you don't want the wash to get all over the inside. It's worth activiting the coating by the application of warmth via a tumble drier or iron (read clothing instructions).

£8.50 inc. VAT £7.56 inc. VAT

Nikwax TX.Direct Wash-In

From £2.89 inc. VAT