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HF Equipment Belt Porter


The HF Equipment Belt Porter has been developed for professional water rescue teams and raft guides. Safe, secure and versatile – The Porter can carry all throw bag sizes from the small Weasel up to the Compact Alpin. Additional webbing loops can hold safety equipment such as carabiners.

£49.99 inc. VAT £44.54 inc. VAT

HF Equipment Swifty


The HF Equipment Swifty is a waist-mounted belt system designed to carry throw bags like the HF Weasel or HF Compact Classic. It facilitates quick and easy deployment of your throw bag in urgent rescue situations. The double-ended strap with quick-release buckles allows for use with either hand.

£25.00 inc. VAT £22.27 inc. VAT

Palm Quick Pro Belt


The Palm Quick Pro Belt is a versatile quick-release belt designed for securing a throwline and SUP leash. It features a convenient clamshell zip pocket for carrying your essential items. Additionally, it can be transformed into a waist belt towline, with enough space in the pocket to accommodate a 5m Snake Sling. The belt includes a dedicated attachment loop for the Quick SUP leash and is compatible with traditional ankle leashes as well.

£62.00 inc. VAT £54.84 inc. VAT

Palm Quick Rescue Belt


The Palm Quick Rescue Belt is a versatile and quick-release belt designed for securing a throwline and SUP leash. It also features MOLLE webbing for attaching pouches and accessories. Palm's sponsorship of safety harness research revealed that quick-release webbing tethers set at a 3cm length ensure a reliable and precise release.

£44.00 inc. VAT £38.92 inc. VAT

Peak PS Gear Belt


The Peak PS Gear Belt is a perfect choice for guides, coaches, and any paddlers who desire easy access to their throwline. Both the throwline attachment section and the belt itself incorporate quick-release buckles for added convenience. Additionally, a practical zip storage pocket with a fast-draining mesh base is included.

£45.00 inc. VAT £39.94 inc. VAT

Peak PS Guide Belt


The Peak PS Guide Belt is an excellent choice for coaches, guides, and instructors who prefer to keep their throwline within easy reach. It comes with a quick-release buckle for both the throwline attachment section and the belt itself, ensuring convenience. The belt is also thoughtfully padded, offering comfort during extended days on the water.

£40.00 inc. VAT £35.50 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Mesh Stash Bag


The Whetman Equipment mesh stash bag, a great option for keeping the smaller parts of your kayaking safety gear all together in one place. This kayak safety kit bag features a mesh construction, this makes its easy to dry at the end of the day. The bag also has a draw string top so its easy to get things in and out.

£3.00 inc. VAT £2.69 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Water Belt

The Whetman Equipment Water Belt is a simple and effective way of carrying a kayak throw bag. With the addition of the water pouch you could also carry a small rafting pin kit. Whetman Equipment founder Steve designed this kayak safety belt to feature a 38mm webbing construction and a quick release system for the best levels of safety. There is then a second quick release loop attached.

From £26.74 inc. VAT

Yak Quick Release Belt with O-Ring


Yak Quick Release Belt with O-Ring 40mm whitewater chest harness for use with Yak buoyancy aids, featuring quick release buckle and metal load spreader.

£31.00 inc. VAT £28.39 inc. VAT