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Flares and Strobes

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Daniamant Odeo Distress Flare


The Odeo Distress Flare is an omnidirectional optical LED flare, that uses high intensity optics instead of the traditional pyrotechnic charges, and an inbuilt SOS function. An Odeo Distress Flare can illuminate for around 8 hours, instead of the 30-60 seconds of a traditional Pyrotechnic flare, meaning there's a greater chance of being seen.

£76.66 ex. VAT £72.98 ex. VAT

Daniamant Odeo Distress Strobe


Daniamant introduces the latest model in the popular ODEO product family. The new ODEO Strobe is designed for use in lifesaving situations as a collision warning signal, or to pinpoint your position in a distress situation. Approved to MED, SOLAS and USCG requirements the ODEO Strobe is capable of a visible high intensity flash and includes an Infra-Red signal.

£83.33 ex. VAT £79.46 ex. VAT

Ocean Signal RescueME EDF1 Electronic Distress Flare


The rescueME EDF1 electronic distress flare provides a secure and enduring solution for visual signaling during emergencies. Its distinctive lens design, coupled with advanced LEDs and highly efficient circuit technology, guarantees a consistent level of light output throughout the lifespan of the user-replaceable battery.

£114.99 ex. VAT