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Jobe Boston Valve


A universal valve for all Jobe towables, yet a Boston Valve fits almost all towables on the market.

£7.49 ex. VAT

Jobe Compressor Adaptor


Even easier: inflate your towable at the gas station or with your own compressor. Connect this adapter to a compressor and to the boston valve of your towable and you are ready to go.

£7.49 ex. VAT

Kokopelli Packraft Foot Pump with Pressure Gauge


The Foot-Pump with Pressure Gauge is designed for those that are looking for maximum portability. This pump is compact, super light-weight, simple to use, and features a pressure gauge.

£33.33 ex. VAT £28.75 ex. VAT

Kokopelli Packraft Nirvana Self-Bailing

The Kokopelli Packraft Nirvana Self-Bailing is a durable and versatile inflatable kayak that's designed for use in even the rowdiest river rapids. It has a clever self-bailing design that keeps you stable and above the water by automatically draining water from the boat via the inflatable floor and drain holes in the floor of the craft. The Nirvana packs down to the size of a sleeping bag, making it perfect for taking backcountry fishing, hiking, bike rafting or any time you need a minimalist setup with maximum opportunity for adventure.

From £957.52 ex. VAT

Pesda Press Packrafting - A UK Manual


£19.99 ex. VAT £18.18 ex. VAT

Seago Quebec Inflatable Kayak

The Seago Quebec Inflatable Kayak is perfect for solo adventurers looking to explore open waters, rivers and lakes. It is robust, comfortable and compact, making it easy to transport and enjoy. Comes with a neat carry bag that has backpack style straps and fits the kayak plus all of its accessories inside, so you don't have to struggle to get to the water's edge. The Quebec can be inflated and ready to go in under ten minutes with the included high-pressure foot pump.

From £498.31 ex. VAT

Seago Toronto Inflatable Kayak


The Seago Toronto Inflatable Kayak is a great for families looking to explore areas via water routes. It has plenty of room for up to three adults, plus for some baggage or even the dog! The Toronto is compact, durable and is easily set up in under ten minutes using the included high pressure foot pump. It also comes with its own carry bag that will fit the kayak plus all of the accessories for easy transportation to the water's edge.

£665.79 ex. VAT £632.15 ex. VAT

Seago Vancouver Inflatable Kayak

The Seago Vancouver Inflatable Kayak is a 2-seater boat that's ideal for couples or friends who are looking to explore areas via water routes. It's compact, durable and is ready to go in under ten minutes! The Vancouver is designed for use by two people plus some baggage, but can also be used with a single seat setup. A high pressure foot pump is included and when not in use, the kayak fits neatly into its own carry bag.

From £577.78 ex. VAT

TNP Asymmetric Touring Paddle Three-Piece

The TNP Asymmetric Three-Piece Touring Paddle is one of the most popular touring paddles on the market. It is an ideal first paddle for recreational kayaking, touring and kayak fishing. Made with a high quality aluminium shaft and strong, nylon reinforced asymmetrical blades, this is a robust entry level paddle that's ready for adventure.

From £50.48 ex. VAT