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Aquapac VHF Pro


Manufactured using dual layer TPU the PRO VHF radio case has been specifically designed for rigorous everyday use, and is used by rescue services worldwide.

£45.00 inc. VAT £39.52 inc. VAT

Daniamant Odeo Distress Flare


The Odeo Distress Flare is an omnidirectional optical LED flare, that uses high intensity optics instead of the traditional pyrotechnic charges, and an inbuilt SOS function. An Odeo Distress Flare can illuminate for around 8 hours, instead of the 30-60 seconds of a traditional Pyrotechnic flare, meaning there's a greater chance of being seen.

£89.95 inc. VAT

Daniamant Odeo Distress Strobe


Daniamant introduces the latest model in the popular ODEO product family. The new ODEO Strobe is designed for use in lifesaving situations as a collision warning signal, or to pinpoint your position in a distress situation. Approved to MED, SOLAS and USCG requirements the ODEO Strobe is capable of a visible high intensity flash and includes an Infra-Red signal.

£79.96 inc. VAT

HF Equipment Plan Sea


The HF Equipment Plan Sea is a highly versatile well designed 15m sea kayak tow rope. It is packed with great features for the best levels of comfort, performance and also safety. HF Equipment has designed this sea kayak tow line to feature a quick release waist belt, this is essential so that it can be easily removed in the case of emergency.

£100.00 inc. VAT £91.86 inc. VAT

HF Equipment Throw Tow


The HF Equipment Throw Tow is a combination piece of sea kayaking safety equipment. It comprises the features of a sea kayak throw line while also being able to be used as a sea kayak tow line.

£109.99 inc. VAT £101.05 inc. VAT

Icom M25 Handheld VHF

From £179.99 inc. VAT

Icom M35 Handheld VHF


The buoyant IC-M35 is the latest in Icom's line-up of rugged marine handheld transceivers and comes with a great new feature that all boat users will love - Clear Audio Boost! Keypad backlighting Waterproof construction equivalent to IPX7 (1m depth for 30 minutes) Optional battery case for use with alkaline cells (The IC-M35 floats flat when this battery case is connected) Dual/Tri-watch functions 4-step battery life indicator Auto scan function Instant access to Ch 16 or programmable call channel Soft flexible antenna supplied Quick channel selection with Favourite channel function AquaQuake draining function

£224.99 inc. VAT £218.81 inc. VAT

Icom M94D Handheld VHF


£389.99 inc. VAT

Kajak Sport Telescopic Safety Flag


The Kajak Sport Telescopic Safety Flag is a high visibility safety flag for sea kayaking.

£25.99 inc. VAT

Mcmurdo Fast Find 220


The McMurdo FastFind 220 GPS PLB is a compact and lightweight personal locator beacon, the worlds first Galileo enabled PLB. A personal piece of safety equipment, once activated, it alerts search and rescue teams to an emergency and its location ashore or afloat.

£340.00 inc. VAT

Ocean Signal RescueME EDF1 Electronic Distress Flare


The rescueME EDF1 electronic distress flare offers users a safe and long-lasting solution to visual signalling in an emergency. The unique lens design combined with the use of advanced LEDs and highly efficient circuit technology ensures a constant level of light output throughout the life of the user replaceable battery.

£121.00 inc. VAT

Ocean Signal RescueME PLB1


Wherever you are, at sea, on land, the rescueME PLB1 provides the reassurance that global emergency services can be alerted by the press of a button. The rescueMe PLB1 can be operated with a single hand in even the most challenging situations. A simple spring loaded flap covers the activation button preventing inadvertent use.

£317.99 inc. VAT

Palm Quick Tow Belt


An adaptable, quick to deploy ocean towline with a vent mesh belt for comfort and floatation. The new Ocean Pro features a completely redesigned pocket to facilitate rope packing and storage.

£65.00 inc. VAT £59.45 inc. VAT

Peak PS Towline 15m


Essential sea kayaking safety equipment. Unique waist or deck mounted towing system with quick release waist belt, quick draining mesh based pocket, and high vis colours.

£69.00 inc. VAT £63.16 inc. VAT

Peak PS Towline 5m


Essential sea kayaking safety equipment. Unique waist or deck mounted towing system with quick release waist belt, quick draining mesh based pocket, and high vis colours.

£50.00 inc. VAT £45.77 inc. VAT

Peak UK iTow


The iTow is a close-contact towing device featuring a clean, adjustable length system. Twin Sea Dog clips attach to your deck lines, whilst the quick release buckle is there for an easy escape, if needed.

£25.00 inc. VAT £22.88 inc. VAT