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HF Equipment Compact Alpin


The HF Equipment Compact Alpin stands out as one of the finest kayak throw lines on the market, featuring a generous length of robust rope, a highly durable bag, and convenient reloading handles.

£58.33 ex. VAT £51.97 ex. VAT

HF Equipment Compact Classic


The HF Equipment Compact Classic is a 20m kayak throw bag. This kayak throw line has been setting the bench mark of kayak rescue gear for over 20 years!

£33.33 ex. VAT £29.70 ex. VAT

HF Equipment Compact Thirty


The HF Equipment Compact Thirty is an extended kayak throw bag and is perfect for white water kayaking adventures on broader rivers with increased volume.

£41.66 ex. VAT £37.12 ex. VAT

HF Equipment Little Fish


The HF Equipment Little Fish is a very small and compact kayak throw bag. This is ideal for storing in the pocket of your kayaking PFD. Its also ideal for situations where you only want a short reach bag such as gorge walking or maybe sit on top kayaking.

£24.99 ex. VAT £22.27 ex. VAT

HF Equipment Weasel

The HF Equipment Weasel is a compact kayak throw bag, making it one of the smallest in its category. It features an 18m length of 7.5mm polypropylene floating rope. The throw bag itself is constructed from durable fabric, with a convenient handle on the base. The bag's neck opens and closes easily with a snap fastener. Additionally, there is a webbing tape loop on the bag's rear, perfect for attaching it to the HF Swifty Belt. After deployment, repacking the bag is effortless thanks to the large opening neck.

From £29.70 ex. VAT

Palm Arc 12.5m Throwline


The Palm Arc 12.5m Throwline is a compact and swift water rescue throwline. The most effective throwline is the one you carry. Its carton-shaped design with a flat profile easily fits inside your PFD and is even more unobtrusive when worn on a throwline belt. The Velcro lid maintains its shape when the bag is open and serves as a handle for easy repacking.

£36.67 ex. VAT £32.43 ex. VAT

Palm Bolt


The Palm Bolt throw bag is equipped with 20m of manageable 11mm polypropylene cored floating rope, boasting a robust breaking strain of 10kN. Versatile for both haul line use and person-to-person rescues, it neatly packs into a wide-neck bag secured by a quick and efficient Fidlock magnetic closure.

£51.67 ex. VAT £45.70 ex. VAT

Palm Lightning


The Palm Lightning is an 18m throw bag featuring an 8.5mm diameter rope with a static breaking strain of 8kN. Ideal for kayaking, it can also be mounted on the waist with the Palm Zambezi Line.

£40.83 ex. VAT £36.11 ex. VAT

Palm Pro Throwline

The Palm Pro Throwline is a versatile rescue throwline that comes with a detachable, easy-to-manage floating rope and a Quickclip clean line attachment point. These throwlines from Palm offer adaptability, featuring belt attachment points, a wide neck opening, and floating bags for added convenience.

From £39.80 ex. VAT

Peak PS Rescue Line


The Peak PS Rescue Line was created with the needs of emergency services in mind, incorporating Peak's distinct and exceptionally sturdy ring system. This Rescue Line showcases a striking red/lime color combination and comprises a 25m long, 10mm line tested to comply with EN1981 standards.

£57.50 ex. VAT £51.03 ex. VAT

Peak PS Throwline

The Peak PS Throwline uses a unique, super-strong ring system that's tough, lightweight and easy to clip. It also has a comfy handle that makes packing it away quick an easy. The new press stud compliments the easy open / close cam buckle system. The 9.5mm rope is tested to EN1981 for essential kayaking safety equipment.

From £44.37 ex. VAT

Whetman Equipment Colca 20m


The Whetman Equipment Colca 20m, an easy to use kayak throw line that can also be used for many other watersports. When used in conjunction with a Whetman Equipment Water Belt it has also proved very popular for White Water Rafting.

£45.83 ex. VAT £40.84 ex. VAT

Whetman Equipment Orosi 15m


The Whetman Equipment Orosi 15m, a highly versatile kayak throw bag that is a great addition to any kayak safety kit. The Orosi 15m also works well with the Whetman Water Belt so it can be waist mounted.

£37.46 ex. VAT £33.50 ex. VAT

Whetman Equipment Patria 20m


The Whetman Equipment Patria 20m is a versatile and user-friendly kayaking throw bag, featuring an aerodynamic design for easy throwing and repacking.

£41.63 ex. VAT £37.21 ex. VAT

Whetman Equipment River Rat 12m


The Whetman Equipment River Rat is a small and compact 12m kayak throw bag. This kayak throw line is ideal for whitewater kayaking, where you just want a short length of rope for close reach work. The River Rat is also ideal for use in other sports such as Ghyll Scrambling and Gorge Walking.

£37.46 ex. VAT £33.38 ex. VAT