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Climbing Technology Kayak Karabiner

The Climbing Technology Kayak Karabiner is large in size and has been designed for use in the belaying of a paddle and recovery of kayaks. It is light in weight and also can be used as a large tool holder.

From £8.98 ex. VAT

Palm Autolock Karabiner


The Palm Autolock Karabiner is a large, D-shaped karabiner with anodised finish for durability. The gate is protected with an auto-lock system to prevent accidental opening and automatic locking when closed.

£20.00 ex. VAT £17.69 ex. VAT

Palm Screw Gate Karabiner


The Palm Screw Gate Karabiner is an essential addition to your kayak safety gear. Crafted by Palm specifically for kayaking, this carabiner boasts an alloy construction with an anodised finish. The screw lock system on the gate ensures heightened safety during use, with a maximum gate opening of 23mm.

£17.50 ex. VAT £15.48 ex. VAT

Palm Side Swing HMS Autolock Karabiner


The Palm Side Swing HMS Autolock Karabiner is constructed of anodised aluminium and a side-swing autolock gate. The wide, rounded shape allows a larger opening angle for a 26mm opening.

£20.83 ex. VAT £18.43 ex. VAT

Palm Wire Gate Karabiner


The Palm Wire Gate karabiner is an essential piece of kayak safety kit. Palm Equipment have manufactured the wire gate carabiner from a 13mm anodised aluminium bar that then features a wire gate. The shape of the carabiner will make sure that the rope locates to the base of the crab so that it loads correctly to maintain the strength.

£14.17 ex. VAT £12.53 ex. VAT

Peak PS Kayaking Karabiner Wire


The Peak PS Kayaking Karabiner is an essential piece of whitewater safety equipment. It has a wide gate opening that will fit over most paddle shafts - Don't leave the house without one!

£12.50 ex. VAT £11.09 ex. VAT

Whetman Equipment HMS Paddle Crab


The Whetman Equipment HMS Paddle Crab is an essential wire snap-gate carabiner designed for paddle rescues, towing, or conveniently hanging up your gear to dry. It's a must-have for every paddler.

£13.29 ex. VAT £11.91 ex. VAT

Whetman Equipment HMS Screwgate Crab


The Whetman Equipment HMS Screwgate Carabiner showcases the authentic HMS shape, complemented by a secure screwgate locking system. Crafted from lightweight alloy, it's perfect for inclusion in your kayaking safety equipment.

£16.63 ex. VAT £14.94 ex. VAT

Whetman Equipment Krab Stick

The Whetman krab stick is available in two different size options. The orange krab stick works with snap gate karabiners, while the green krab stick works with locking gate carabiners. This simple piece of kayak safety gear easily secures to your kayaking karabiner and will hold the gate open. This will then allow you to clip things safely, securely and most importantly from a distance. See main description for more information on which karabiners work with each size.

From £4.42 ex. VAT

Whetman Equipment Kraken Sea Kayak Karabiner


The Whetman Equipment Kraken Sea Kayak Karabiner is a stainless steel karabiner designed specifically for sea kayak towlines. Please note that it is intended for kayaking purposes and does not have technical ratings for climbing or mountaineering.

£10.42 ex. VAT £9.29 ex. VAT
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