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There is a vast array of different industrial applications where harnesses are required. There is also a wide array of different harnesses, all of which do slightly different jobs. I have attempted to split the harnesses we stock into broad categories below.

Fall Arrest Harnesses

Harnesses in this category are designed to hold a person in a safe position in the case of a fall from height until they can rescue themselves or be rescued. To do this they need to have leg loops as well as support around the shoulders to prevent the body from falling out of the harness in the case of an inversion. Due to this they are also often called a full-body harness; sit harnesses cannot be used on their own in a fall-arrest system. To reduce the risk of this, most use either a sternal (chest) or dorsal (back) attachment point, and many will have both. When attached to a fall-arrest system in this manner the body will be held upright, in a safe position. It is preferable that these harnesses are as light as possible, while still doing their job, so that the user can work unimpeded.

The harness we sell that conforms to the standards for a fall-arrest harness (EN361) is the Petzl Newton. This has dorsal and sternal attachments, different coloured upper and lower sections (so that it is simple to put on), and offers good freedom of movement. To compliment this we sell the Petzl Jak, which is a stiffened mesh jacket that links into the upper half of the harness, making it more comfortable and easier to put on. We also stock the Lift Spacer, which allows the user to be lowered vertically into narrow spaces.

Work Positioning Sit Harnesses

Work positioning refers to the more rigorous working scenarios, where the worker must use ropes and lanyards to obtain a position from which they can work. As it can be necessary to spend long periods of time suspended, the harness must be very well padded and supportive. As well as for comfort, a well-padded harness reduces the risk of suspension trauma in an emergency. The main attachment point will be ventral (on the waist) to give a central point. To give other options for work positioning the most useful will also have lateral attachment (on each hip) so that adjustable lanyards can be used to pull the worker in the required direction.
Due to the lack of shoulder straps, these harnesses are not suitable for use in a fall-arrest situation, however, by attaching them to a chest harness such as the Petzl Chester they can be used where they may be the risk of a fall. The Chester can be found in the Chest Harnesses section.

The harness in our stock that meet the EN358 standard for work positioning is the Petzl Navaho Vario. The Navaho Vario is a multi-purpose work positioning harness, with one ventral attachment and two lateral attachment points. For prolonged suspension, it is recommended that it is used with the Petzl Podium work seat.

Work Positioning and Fall Arrest Harnesses

This category comprises harnesses that will do a bit of everything. To satisfy the demands of fall-arrest standards they need to include shoulder straps, as well as dorsal and sternal attachment points. They are also required to be well-padded around the legs and have ventral and lateral attachment points.

The harness that satisfies both the criteria for fall arrest (EN361) and work positioning (EN358) is the Petzl Navaho Bod. This is a bit bulky for pure fall-arrest applications, but for most other uses it is perfect, offering a good blend of safety and comfort. It can be combined with the Podium for prolonged periods of suspension.

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Adventure Climb Rescue Access Harness

The Access Harness is designed to be as accessible as possible to users who need extra support than offered by standard harnesses. Those who are unable to climb in a conventional manner are able to undertake climbing activities, making climbing totally accessible to everyone.

From £282.00 inc. VAT

Beal Dragon Sit

The Beal Dragon Sit Harness is a lightweight safety harness that's particularly designed for rescue operations. It has sliding thigh straps for better positioning and comfort and can be used in combination with the Beal Dragon Top for fall protection and work positioning.

From £117.02 inc. VAT

Beal Dragon Top


The Beal Dragon Top is a lightweight, adjustable Y-shaped chest harness designed to keep you upright in the event of a fall. It has two fall arrest points and is also compatible with the Dragon harness to obtain full harness. It is also possible to attach carabiners to each shoulder strap for vertical evacuation.

£64.99 inc. VAT £59.87 inc. VAT

Beal Hero Pro

The Beal Hero Pro is a comfortable, ergonomic fall arrest safety harness that allows all workers at height to work in optimal conditions. It has an X-shaped design on the shoulder straps that ensure a great load distribution.

From £223.21 inc. VAT

Beal Hero Pro Hold Up

The Beal Hero Pro Hold Up is a full body fall arrest and work positioning harness with integrated chest ascender. This is a large, comfortable and well padded harness that's particularly user friendly.

From £273.08 inc. VAT

Beal Shaolin

The Beal Shaolin is a comfortable and lightweight safety harness designed for work and rescue operations. This innovation brings an exceptional comfort by perfectly distributing pressure over the hips and thighs. The Web Core is a wide, thin, light webbing that is laser-cut to the shape of the harness. The result is a harness that is more compact, lighter and above all more comfortable to use.

From £111.60 inc. VAT

Beal Solace

The Beal Solace is a harness designed specifically for work positioning, suspensions and fall arrest/rope access. This is a comfortable harness with y-shaped straps to allow for better positioning of the dorsa attachment point.

From £261.19 inc. VAT

Beal Styx Belt


The Styx Belt is a workstation support belt that is easily adjustable. The side positioning rings can be adjusted to suit all body shapes and situations by simply sliding them. This belt is compatible with the STYX FAST harness and has a wide foam belt to offer maximum comfort to the wearer and a quick buckle on the belt.

£76.00 inc. VAT £69.90 inc. VAT

Beal Styx Fast


The Styx Fast fall arrest harness is both lightweight and compact. It has two sternal and dorsal connection points. Versatile, it can be combined with an EN358 work positioning belt like the Styx belt. Its straps and foam back provide real comfort and make it easy to put on. These straps are kept apart to limit friction points on the neck that can cause chaffing and discomfort.

£83.99 inc. VAT £77.29 inc. VAT

Beal Styx Rescue


This lightweight, compact STYX RESCUE JACKET fall arrest harness features two tie in points on the sternum and back. It has a breathable mesh vest that makes it easy to put on the harness. In addition, there is a customisable identification zone with QR code (Your name + your ID) on the back of the harness.

£76.99 inc. VAT £70.88 inc. VAT

Beal Styx Rescue Jacket


The Styx Rescue Harness is a Lightweight and compact fall arrest harness with 1 sternal and 1 dorsal attachment point.

£97.99 inc. VAT £90.43 inc. VAT

Beal Ypsilon


The Beal Ypsilon is a lightweight, adjustable Y-shaped chest harness to keep you upright in the event of a fall. It is particularly suitable for work at height, industrial uses and rescue operations. It is compatible with our Shaolin and Hero Sit harnesses. It is characterized by its lightness and its adaptability due to a buckle on the front shoulder and a second buckle on the back for an optimal adjustment.

£56.99 inc. VAT £52.43 inc. VAT

Edelrid Rescue Scissors


The Edelrid Rescue Scissors are a rescue cutter for emergencies in Rope parks or industrial surroundings when nothing else can be done, after the rescue rope has been attached the lanyard Y or main line can be cut.

£50.00 inc. VAT £45.41 inc. VAT

Lyon Comfort Seat

The Lyon work seat is a high quality handmade product, which has subtly evolved over the years to create a hard wearing, robust and reliable addition to anyone’s rope access kit.

From £144.00 inc. VAT

Lyon Synergy Casualty Hoist 6:1


The Lyon Casualty Pick Off Hoist may be used by a rescuer to 'unweight' a casualty to facilitate transfer onto a rescue system. Small enough to be carried on a rescuers harness, the hoist can be deployed in seconds to make an awkward task easy. Pre-packed in a high visibility two piece pouch, this very compact unit with its high efficiency pulleys is configured to create a theoretical 6:1 mechanical advantage.

£290.62 inc. VAT £253.92 inc. VAT

Petzl Astro Bod Fast

The Petzl Astro Bod Fast is a rope access harness with integrated Croll and gated ventral attachment points. The harness includes six gear loops, two slots for a Caritool (or other tool holders), and two reinforced tool loops.

From £345.35 inc. VAT
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