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Robens Fire Steel


The Robens Fire Steel is a match-free tool enabling to lit your campfire for warmth, light and for cooking food! Perfect for wilding camping and survival.

£5.83 ex. VAT £5.37 ex. VAT

Light My Fire 2.0 Army Firesteel BIO

All you need to light your fire like a pro in any weather. Best original magnesium fire starter. Tough, durable, ferro rod, performs to highest standards. A massive 12,000 strikes at 3,000 degrees. Reliable fire lighting, any weather, any altitude. Campfires, gas stoves, BBQ’s and more. Ergonomic design and a built-in whistle. Focused sparks light any fuel and when you need fire, you need reliability. Used worldwide by scouts, military, campers, families, and survival experts alike. It’s practical, compact, strong and a crucial part of any kit. Get the technique, get the fire, get warm, and get the food on with the incredible Swedish FireSteel. Nothing but the best. All you need to light a fire like a pro.

From £14.79 ex. VAT

Light My Fire 2.0 Scout Firesteel BIO

The Light My Fire FireSteel BIO Scout Firestarter is your best friend when it comes to igniting a fire in any weather. Whether barbecuing or camping, the reliable Magnesium Alloy striker will work. This makes for a durable fire striker that will work reliably for approximately 3,000 strikes. Its 5,400-degrees Fahrenheit (3,000-degrees Celsius) spark makes fire building easy in any in any weather.

From £10.23 ex. VAT