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Edelrid HMS Bulletproof Screw Eco


The Edelrid HMS Bulletproof Screw Eco stands out as an innovative and durable carabiner featuring a reinforced steel insert at its apex. This design effectively prevents premature wear and the formation of burrs or sharp edges. The screwgate is designed for quick and intuitive operation, making this carabiner a lighter alternative to steel options for top-roping.

£21.00 inc. VAT £18.61 inc. VAT

DMM Shadow HMS

The DMM Shadow HMS is a large, but lightweight HMS karabiner with a short gate to maximise gate opening. The deep and wide top basket can take three clove hitches (<9.5mm rope).

From £15.06 inc. VAT

Beal Be Lock

The Beal Be Lock is a large HMS carabiner designed for easy use with double (halves and twins) rope systems. The large surface area provides easy control in all weather. The Be Lock is particularly suitable for HMS belays and double rope manoeuvres, such as capstan or half-capstan.

From £15.11 inc. VAT

Beal Be Safe

The Beal Be Safe is a HMS screwlock karabiner that's perfect for use with belay devices as it can accommodate two ropes at once, without the risk of them becoming overlapped in the event of a fall. The reception cradle ensures that the two ropes slide together and does not generate friction on the sides of the carabiner when the rope is braked. This is true whether rappelling or stopping a fall.

From £12.73 inc. VAT

OCUN Kestrel

The OCUN Kestrel is an ultralight micro-karabiner that's suitable for use on multi-pitch and trad routes. Despite its low weight, the Kestrel has high strength and its wire gate helps to eliminate flutter, whilst reducing the chances of snow or ice accumulating and causing the gate to freeze in winter conditions.

From £6.96 inc. VAT

DMM Shadow Straight Gate


The DMM Shadow Straight Gate is a lighter-weight, yet still large enough carabiner that it can be used as a crossover for both sport and trad quickdraws. Where the Shadow would rest on a bolt, the metal has been reinforced to provide durability, and a clean nose reduces snagging when clipping and stripping routes. The gate has chamfered sides to make gripping it with the thumb easier, and the size makes for easier clipping in comparison to the much smaller lightweight carabiners.

£11.50 inc. VAT £10.19 inc. VAT

DMM Shadow Bent Gate


The DMM Shadow Bent Gate is a bent gate aluminium alloy carabiner, perfect for rope side of quickdraws or racking gear. the I beam construction gives full strength but a reduced weight, making the Shadow a lightweight, full-sized carabiner. It also features a snag free keylock nose.

£11.50 inc. VAT £10.19 inc. VAT

DMM Spectre

The DMM Spectre is an all-round carabiner for versatility and can be used across trad, sport, or winter climbing. They are full sized for ease of handling, while I-Beam construction and wire gates keep weight low. If you want one type of carabiner to cover all your climbing needs, you need an all-rounder. Wire gates are the lightest gate type available, and resist freezing shut in cold conditions. They are crucial in reducing the weight of your rack, and are ideal for trad, winter, and alpine climbing.

From £7.33 inc. VAT