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Certainly Wood Flamers Natural Firelighters

Flamers are natural firelighters that are untreated, wax dipped fine wood shavings. Most importantly, unlike most firelighters they are odourless, easy to light and have a long burn. They are suitable for all wood burning appliances and particularly good for barbeques. Only one is required to light the fire although it is recommended that 2-3 are used when lighting charcoal to ensure an even burn across the grill.

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Light My Fire TinderSticks


The best all-natural way to start your fire or BBQ. No harmful chemicals mean no harmful fumes. Up to 80% resin content burns stronger and lasts longer. Easy to light, smells amazing. Sustainably sourced from stumps of cultivated pine trees. SCS certified guarantees environmentally sustainable practice and high-quality performance. A fantastic bundle that won’t let you down when you need that fire. One or two sticks will get the BBQ or campfire crackling away in no time!

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UCO Stormproof Sweetfire Strikeable Firestarters


The Sweetfire Strikeable Fire Starter is not only sweet for your gear collection, it's sweet for the planet. Made from a sugarcane by-product called bagasse, this key ingredient is already used around the world as a renewable biofuel. Each of these match points (there are 20 per box) is infused with vegetable wax to allow for up to 7 minutes of burn time per each point. There's also no need to bring matches to light the Sweetfire as each match point has a strikeable tip that can conveniently be used with the striker on the box.

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