Established in 1977
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Kajak Sport

Kajak Sport

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Up and Under is the UK's largest Kajak Sport Stockist, we are based in Cardiff, South Wales and are only 10 minutes drive from the Cardiff International White Water Centre. We are also only 10 minutes off the main M4, so you can stop by on your way when visiting the Gower peninsular.

Kajak Sport was established in 1989 by four inspirational kayakers and kayak explorers from Finland, to date they have sold in excess of 1000,000 sea kayak hatches but they still have the same thoughts "from kayakers to kayakers".

Kajak Sport are based in Finland and produce a wide range of kayak spare parts, kayak outfitting systems and also a high end Carbon Sea kayak Paddle and a Carbon Greenland Paddle. Kajak Sport are most well known for their range of sea kayak hatch covers.

Whilst Kajak Sport do produce a vast range of sea kayak hatch covers. These hatch covers are the number one choice for many sea kayak brands and other kayak brands. Some of these brands include P & H Sea Kayaks, Venture Kayaks, Pyranha Kayaks, Tootega KayaksTiderace Sea Kayaks and also Rockpool Kayaks to name but a few.

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Kajak Sport Round LRC Hatch

From £13.00 inc. VAT

Kajak Sport Shaft Ferrule

From £19.99 inc. VAT

Kajak Sport Skeg System 4


£74.99 inc. VAT

Kajak Sport U-Foamblocks

From £32.50 inc. VAT

Kajak Sport Deckbox


The Kajak Sport Deckbox offers an additonal 4L of storage capacity to the deck of your kayak. The base of the kayak deck storage pod is concave, but can be easily retro fitted to most kayaks simply by clipping it under the deck lines. It's fully waterproof and is easy to access via the 15cm hatch opening. It also incorporates a securing lanyard to keep it attached to your kayak. This deck storage pod is perfet for keeping items such as a camera, a bar of chocolatre and your mobile phone close to hand.General Features -------------------- Plastic One Piece Construction Access is via a hatch secured opening - Hatch fitted is a 15cm Kayak Sport Original Bungee Securing Elastic - Fitted with a hook - Ideal for keeping it atatched to the kayak Moulded in Channels on the base - Will easily accept the stick back foam to increase traction -------------------- Dimensions Width - 23cm (widest point) Length - 40cm (longest point) Height - 22cm (highest point) Hatch Opening 14cm - Sealed with a 15cm hatch --------------------

£59.99 inc. VAT

Kajak Sport Flex Deck Ball


£5.99 inc. VAT
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