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Peak UK Kayaking Karabiner


High quality anodised Aluminium Karabiner, designed for Kayaking and Canoeing use. The bent wire gate allows for paddle shafts to be clipped into easily.

£16.00 inc. VAT £14.65 inc. VAT

Peak UK Kayak Airbags (Split Stern)


The Peak UK Split Stern is a set of kayak airbags, they are an essential piece of kayak safety kit as trying to rescue a water logged boat can be very hard in a swollen river. These are ideal for white water kayaking and also suitable for flat water kayaking.

£39.00 inc. VAT £35.70 inc. VAT

Peak UK Canoe Airbags


The Peak UK Canoe Airbags are idea for the majority of Canadian Canoes. Canoe airbags are well worth adding to a boat, as in the event of a capsize it makes them easy to rescue and recover. The Peak UK Canoe Airbags are made from a tough and durable PVC coated Nylon. The seams are all welded to prevent leakage and the wedge shape of the bag is designed to fit into the Bow and Stern of your open canoe.

£60.00 inc. VAT £54.92 inc. VAT

Peak UK Cowstail


Essential rescue / safety equipment. Tough tubular, elasticated webbing, load bearing bartacking and stainless steel ring make the Cowstail a vital addition to your safety kit.

£12.00 inc. VAT £10.99 inc. VAT

Peak UK Rescue Tape 5m


The Peak UK Rescue Tape, a great piece of whitewater kayak safety gear that is highly versatile in many rescue situations. This kayak safety tape has a tensile strength of 10kN.

£15.00 inc. VAT £13.73 inc. VAT

Peak UK Kayak Airbag (Bow)


The Peak UK Kayak Airbag Bow is perfect for filling that void behind the bulkhead footrest of your whitewater kayak. Adding as many airbags to a kayak will always make it easier to rescue in the event of a capsize. It will also probably make the difference between the kayak arriving back with you in one piece.

£20.00 inc. VAT £18.31 inc. VAT

Peak UK River Knife


If you carry rope with you on rivers, then a knife should also be carried, preferably easily accessible. The Peak UK River Knife is a 12cm Folding blade knife, which will fit into most BA pockets. The Stainless Steel blade locks in the open position, while its highly visible red rubber handle, is ergonomic and won't slip. It also has a cord for clipping to the BA to prevent loss.

£19.00 inc. VAT £17.39 inc. VAT

Peak UK Rescue Line


The Peak UK Rescue Line, a 25m kayak throw bag that is suitable for the biggest of rivers. This water rescue throwline is also perfect for Swift Water Rescue. The long length of rope, combined with easy packing and high visibility makes it a number one choice for the professional water rescue team.

£69.00 inc. VAT £63.16 inc. VAT