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MSR Alpine 4 Pot Set


The MSR Alpine 4 Pot Set is a high quality stainless pan set consisting of three pans (1L, 2L, 3L) plus 3 lids that can be used as a plate. Pan handler included. Designed for 4 people. This set is made from incredibly durable stainless steel, reliably standing up to even the most extreme conditions. It’s perfect for heavy use by frequent travelers, or by guides and institutions, where you’ll be preparing a lot of meals on a wide range of adventures.

£75.00 inc. VAT £64.10 inc. VAT

MSR Quick 2 System


The Quick 2 system is a complete cook and eat system, offering the widest range of use when out in the wilderness. With insulated mugs and DeepDish plates, combined with both nonstick and uncoated hard-anodised aluminium, this is the ultimate choice for a lightweight cook-set capable of cooking anything, anywhere!

£85.00 inc. VAT £73.76 inc. VAT

MSR Stowaway Pot 775ml


The MSR Stowaway Pot 775ml is a cleverly made self sealing pan and lid. When being stowed away the handle hinges over and clips down to hold the lid shut. Made of stainless steel. This line of stainless steel pots stands up to heavy use and offers a high quality, durable option in cookware. They’re perfect for scouts and emerging campers, as well as budget-minded travelers.

£26.00 inc. VAT £22.60 inc. VAT

Primus CampFire Pot S/S


Durable stainless steel sauce pan with a metal foldaway handle and metal lid to use over and open fire. The perfect pot for wilderness adventures with the family. Comes in a storage bag.

£40.00 inc. VAT £37.04 inc. VAT

Sea to Summit X Pot 1.4L


This small pot is a great size for a solo camper, or a minimal 2 person trip. Whip up your favourite meal and eat straight from your cooking pot to save the need for a second day dish! The X pot series is collapsable, very easy to clean and lightweight, packsize is also much smaller and more practical compared to conventional pots. These are a must have for any backpacker!

£40.00 inc. VAT £35.29 inc. VAT

Soto Thermostack Combo


Comprised of a stainless steel 350ml cup, a titanium 400ml cup, a 750ml aluminium pot, resin lid and joint for the smaller cups and a lid for the larger, as well as a cozy for the large cup and a small spondonacle (pot grabber), this set has got almost everything a solo camper could possibly need for cooking, eating and drinking- all you need to do is add a gas burner and a spork!

£60.00 inc. VAT £51.76 inc. VAT