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Whetman Equipment

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Whetman Equipment Patria 20m


The Whetman Equipment Patria is a 20m kayak throw bag that features an aerodyanmic deaign so its easy to throw and to repack. This kayaking throw line has a 20m length of 8mm kernmantel 16/16 braid polyester floating rope, this also has a 6.6kN breaking strength. The Patria 20m bag is secured by a simple buckle, the side of the bag also incorporates a sewn in eyelet that's perfect to secure a kayaking karabiner. Whilst on the rear of the bag there are two eyelets, these enable the Patraia to be mounted onto the waterbelt waist system.General Features -------------------- Rope Kernmantel 16/16 Braid Polyester - 20m - 8mm - 6.6kN breaking Strength Aerodynamic Design - Easy to throw - Easy to repack Top Loading Design - Easy to repack Top Lid secured by a clip buckle Webbing Loop on the lid Side eyelet for securing a karabiner Whetman Waterbelt Compatible - Two Rear Eyelets for efficient mounting --------------------

£49.96 inc. VAT £44.26 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Python 5m Ring Sling


The Whetman Equipment Python Ring sling is made from a 5m length of high grade webbing. The webbing has a breaking strength in excess of 10Kn. The one end of the kayaking safety tape features a 6mm marine grade stainless steel ring while the other end features a sewn in eyelet. This is ideal for river rescue situations and also simple things such as lowering a kayak down a steep bank. General Features -------------------- 5m Tape Rated to pver 10kN 6mm Stainless Steel Ring on one end Sewn eyelet on the other end --------------------

£18.50 inc. VAT £16.50 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Quick Release Paddle Leash


Sea kayak paddle leash with quick release elements at both connection points-------------- 3mm cord quick release connection Marine grade stainless steel connector --------------

£19.96 inc. VAT £17.77 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Reflective Deckline


The Whetman Equipment reflective deck lines are supplied as a 10m length. They feature a 16/16 braid polyester kernmantel cord of 6mm diameter. This is then interwoven with a continuous length of reflective cord. When you look at it in daylight it gives a contrast that appears as silver, however when you shine a light on it, it gives a good reflective glow for enhanced night time visibility.General Features -------------------- 16/16 Braid Polyester Rope 6mm Diameter 10m in length Highly Visible at night --------------------

£22.00 inc. VAT £19.58 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Rescue Stirrup


The Rescue Stirrup is a sea kayak rescue aid for deep water re-entry, it offers a step up enabling you to climb back on your kayak.

£25.00 inc. VAT £22.25 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Rigger Knife


The Whetman Rigger rescue knife a great piece of equipment to have in your kayak safety kit. This kayak safety knife features semi serrated and semi smooth blade giving the best of both works. The blade is stored in the handle and is easily opened single handed, once open it will lock into position for enhanced safety. The handle also incorporates rubber insert panels in the sides for added grip. Additionally there is then a lanyard hole on the end to ensure you can keep it safely attached to your rescue buoyancy aid.General Features -------------------- Brushed Aluminium Body Inset Rubber panels for added grip Locking Blade - 3" Long Blade - 1 1/4" of serrated blade - 1 1/2" of smooth blade Single Handed Opening Lanyard eyelet --------------------

£16.00 inc. VAT £14.24 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Ring Pull Prussik


The Whetman Equipment ring pull prussik is a great piece of kayaking safety gear. It is small, compact and easy to store. This features a 6mm cord that is 16/16 polyester braid. The overall length of the prussik loop is 33cm. This is ideal for rescue situations where you want and need a fast and simple method of gripping the rope. This also works well in conjunction with the Whetman Python sling. General Features -------------------- 6mm Cord 16/16 Braid Polyester cord Marine Grade Stainless Steel Ring Overall Length of the Loop is 33cm Secured with a double fisherman's knot --------------------

£7.50 inc. VAT £6.72 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment River Rat 12m


The Whetman Equipment River Rat, a small compact 12m kayak throw bag that's ideal for white water kayaking. The River Rat throw line features a 9mm rope. The throw bag itself is highly visible due to the colour, it is also tough and durable and features an easy access lid. The lid is then secured by a double Velcro tab. The rope comes out of the side of the bag through a eyelet and this enables you to secure it to a kayaking karabiner. The river rat has mounating tabs on the bag to enable it to be used with the Whetman Waterbelt. It can be then mounted either vertically or horizontally.General Features -------------------- Rope - 12m Long - 9mm Diamter - 5.5kN Breaking Strain - Floatable Rope Small and Compact Design Tough and Durable Design Large Opening Neck - Easy to repack Folding Closure Design - Secured by Velcro Works with the Whetman Equipment Water Belt - Mounts Vertically - Mounts Horizontally Karabiner Eyelet --------------------

£39.95 inc. VAT £35.05 inc. VAT
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