Established in 1977
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SAR Products Lifting Bridle


The Lifting Bridle is used in conjunction with an over the shoulder fall arrest type harness for confined space rescue/extraction. It ensures the user is suspended in a true vertical manner, reducing the chance of snagging or entrapment.

£79.61 inc. VAT £70.85 inc. VAT

SAR Products Crag Kit Bag


The Crag Kit Bag was designed in association with the Oldham Mountain Rescue Team. With a number of compartments on internal walls that fold out it is an ideal way to keep the team kit knowing that it is all in the one bag and easy to access. The Crag Kit Bag comes complete with shoulder straps.

£150.28 inc. VAT £133.75 inc. VAT

SAR Products Dog Harness


A strong harness tested by search and rescue dogs. The harness can be adjusted to fit most sizes of dogs and can be used with or without the removable leg loops. The central ring can be used to lift or lower the dog.

£79.54 inc. VAT