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Lifeventure Coolmax Stretch Liner


Coolmax is an understated fabric that has some genius properties. This soft cozy fabric keeps your temperature regulated in most conditions, giving you ultimate comfort when you sleep. This occurs with its fantastic technology that quickly wicks away moisture and quickly dries. This also means it's really easy to wash and keep clean when you're on the move.

£40.00 inc. VAT £35.64 inc. VAT

Highlander Rucksack Liner


The Highlander Rucksack Liner is a simple, effective polyethylene liner to protect your kit inside your rucksack. Made from a 100% waterproof polyethylene construction, this bag liner is sure to keep your kit protected.

£2.50 inc. VAT £2.27 inc. VAT

Sea to Summit Reactor Compact Plus


The Reactor Compact plus by Sea to Summit can increase your sleeping bag performance by up to 11°c with dual weight Thermolite fabric. The regular 80g/ m² is combined with panels of 110g/m² Thermolite® in the core body and foot box areas adding extra warmth, while the ergonomic design shaves off excess weight. Ideal for gram counters under 6 feet tall.

£55.00 inc. VAT £49.33 inc. VAT

Snugpak Fleece Liner with Zip


When you need extra warmth at night, you can use the Fleece Insulating Liner with Zip, and it will instantly add over a season to your sleeping bag. The lush fleece creates comfort, luxury and warmth for occasional colder nights, without needing to buy a warmer sleeping bag. The Fleece Liner comes complete with a compression sack to save space when not in use.

£35.00 inc. VAT £31.15 inc. VAT

Snugpak TS1 Insulating Liner

The TS1 Insulating Liner by Snugpak is an insulated bag liner made with warm to the touch thermal suede. The suede provides a noticeable thermal improvement to the bag and has an incredibly soft finish. The fabric used in this bag liner uses clever technology that will remove any moisture away from the body and into the wicking core of the knitted fabric.

From £37.38 inc. VAT

Snugpak Fleece Insulating Liner

The Snugpak Fleece Insulating Liner is a lush fleece liner to add warmth and comfort to your sleeping bag on colder nights. Comes with a stuff sack so it doesn't take up too much space when not in use.

From £40.02 inc. VAT

Lifeventure Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

This sleeping bag liner will help keep you warm when its cold, and cool when it's warm. Great for any camping or travelling trip on it's own or with a proper sleeping bag. Treated to be antibacterial, anti-mosquito and anti-bed bug resistant. Also fitted with a hidden security pocket inside. Small pack size and the soft to skin feel is ideal for those looking for luxury on a budget (or those who want a decent sleeping bag liner!)

From £44.56 inc. VAT

Exped Waterproof Pack Liner

The Exped Waterproof Pack Liner is 100% Waterproof and designed to fit snugly into a backpack, keeping your contents safe from the rain. It features an easy roll and fold closure and comes in bright colours for better visibility. If you haven't used them before please ask staff for advice on how best to pack them down!

From £22.64 inc. VAT