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Odlo X-Warm Shirt Women's


Ladies! Make sure to add this crewe neck top to your kit list when going on your next cold weather adventure. With integrated thick fleece pads in key sensitive areas such as kidney and shoulder blades, it keeps you warm where you need it. Being 100% Polyester, they wick extremely well and the stretch knit fabric make for a superb fit, comfortably close to the skin which also makes for easy layering.

£50.00 inc. VAT £44.50 inc. VAT

Odlo Zeroweight Ceramicool Pro S/S T-Shirt


Keep cool when you're on the run! Zero-weight Ceramicool BL short sleeve crew neck top from Odlo keeps you cool whilst you're on the go. You can physically feel the benefit of active skin cooling when you put it on. Odlo’s Ceramicool technology helps to lower skin temperature by up to 1°C, allowing for optimal physical performance when you're out and about. The fibres also wick the seat away, pushing it to the surface materials keeping you fresh and dry.

£50.00 inc. VAT £44.54 inc. VAT

Odlo Men's MILLENNIUM YAKWARM 1/2 Zip Midlayer


Eliminate the cold and smash the limits of your endurance on long snowy expeditions with ODLO’s Millennium Yakwarm half-zip mid layer top for men. This exceptional mid layer has been developed with ODLO’s Yakwarm tech, which uses yak wool fibres inserted into the fabric to deliver enhanced natural warming, breathability and comfort.

£80.00 inc. VAT £71.92 inc. VAT

Odlo Women's PERFORMANCE WARM ECO Long-Sleeve Baselayer

This PERFORMANCE WARM ECO Long-Sleeve base layer for women is a truly versatile solution to challenging winter temperatures. Using 100-percent recycled technical fabrics for reduced environmental impact, it offers both protection against the cold and superior moisture management. It’s designed to keep you feeling fresh and dry during intense exercise thanks to its intelligent ventilation zones.

From £53.94 inc. VAT

Odlo Women's BLACKCOMB Baselayer Top

Hit the slopes in style and comfort this winter in ODLO’s new Performance Blackcomb SUW long sleeve crew neck top for women. Tear down the mountain in the base layer that gives you excellent thermal insulation and moisture-wicking properties to handle the cold and wet efficiently and effectively. Effect by ODLO treatment creates optimal climate control and has anti-odour properties for better comfort all day long.

From £62.93 inc. VAT

Odlo Women's ACTIVE X-WARM ECO Long-Sleeve Baselayer Top

Stay warm without compromising on style this outdoor season with the Active X-Warm base layer for women. Designed using advanced thermal fabrics that provide ultra-soft, lightweight comfort, this layer will help you stay warm in the cold for longer. Cleverly situated panelling reduces restriction from layers and backpacks, while a crew-neck collar provides ventilation when energy levels rise.

From £44.95 inc. VAT

Odlo Women's ACTIVE X-WARM ECO Half-Zip Turtleneck Baselayer Top

A sustainable approach to thermal layering options, this women’s ACTIVE X-WARM ECO Zip Turtleneck base layer top minimises its environmental impact with losing focus on performance. Crafted from 100 percent recycled fibres, this essential base layer is designed to protect you in the world’s most extreme conditions – keeping the warmth where it should be whilst creating a barrier against the elements.

From £53.94 inc. VAT

Odlo Women's Baselayer Top crew neck

Warm, dry and sustainable – welcome to the future of sportswear with ODLO’s Women’s ACTIVE WARM ECO Half-Zip Turtleneck base layer top. Crafted from 100 percent recycled materials, this versatile base layer brings an environmental ethos to the core of your sportswear. Designed to be worn under multiple layers, this top is soft to the touch and improves breathability whilst keeping you warm.

From £40.45 inc. VAT