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Petzl Pixa 1


The Petzl Pixa 1 is a tough and durable head torch that is ideal for use in Outdoor Education Centres. It is also rated to Atex 2/22 for use in explosive environments.

£36.00 inc. VAT £31.48 inc. VAT

Petzl Pixa 2


The Petzl Pixa 2 is a great caving headlamp that incorporates the constant lighting technology. This water proof head torch is powered by 2 AA batteries and is ideal for use in Outdoor Education Centres.

£51.60 inc. VAT £45.12 inc. VAT

Petzl Pixa 3


This is a rugged and versatile headlamp suitable for close range work, movement away from the job and longer range use too. It has 3 brightness modes of 30,40 and 50 lumens that give beam lengths of 15m (for 12 hrs), 30m (for 6hrs) and 55m (for 3 hrs) respectively.

£70.80 inc. VAT £61.91 inc. VAT

Petzl Pixa 3R


The Pixa 3R is a rechargeable headlamp suitable for ATEX explosive environments that is both shock and water resistant. The multiple lighting modes and mounting opportunities provide specific lighting for all work requirements.

£102.00 inc. VAT £89.18 inc. VAT

Petzl PIXA Headband


Spare headband with plate for PIXA 1, PIXA 2, PIXA 3, PIXA 3R and PIXA Z1 headlamps.

£9.00 inc. VAT £7.87 inc. VAT

Petzl Pixadapt


The Pixadapt allows the user to mount and remove a Pixa headtorch from a helmet it is installed on. The mount is installed using the adhesive backing to keep it in place.

£12.00 inc. VAT £10.49 inc. VAT

Petzl Rubber Headband (for Pixa range)


The Petzl Rubber headband adapts to all helmets on the market and holds a PIXA or SWIFT RL PRO headlamp securely in position.

£12.00 inc. VAT £10.49 inc. VAT

Fenix 18650 Cold Weather Rechargeable Battery


The ARB-L18-2900L, as it's otherwise known, is a rechargeable battery that is designed to be used where no other battery can! -40°C! It even has safety features on it to ensure no damage is done to battery or user from use of said electrics in such cold and harsh environments. It keeps a 70% output at -30°C, a temperature that usually stops all power from batteries.

£23.95 inc. VAT £22.45 inc. VAT

Fenix 18650 Rechargeable Battery

The Fenix 18650 rechargeable battery is available in two power options. There is a 2600mAh or a slightly larger more powerful option the 3500mAh. Fenix has designed these Lithium Ion Batteries to give great levels of power whilst also being easy to recharge and look after. The 18650 battery is ideal for use in a head torch such as the Fenix HL60R or the HL55.

From £11.33 inc. VAT

Fenix 18650 Rechargeable Battery + USB

Fenix has designed these USB rechargeable batteries to be as easy and as simple to use as possible. They can be simply plugged into micro USB socket which can be connected to a wall socket or a computer port. The 2600mAh battery pack works at 3.6v and offers 9.3Wh, while the larger 3500mAh battery offers the same voltage but an increased 12.6Wh.

From £13.19 inc. VAT

Fenix ALF-18 18650/21700 Adaptor


The Fenix ALF-18 battery adapter allows the use of 18650 batteries in 21700 battery powered torches. Made from PC and ABS plastics this adapter is the size of a 21700 battery and its internal bore fits the smaller 18650 battery. The adapter features copper plated contacts for excellent conductivity.

£5.95 inc. VAT £5.51 inc. VAT

Fenix ARE-A4 Premium Main Multi-Charger


Fenix ARE-A4 is the latest Fenix premium 4 channel mains charger, capable of charging a large range of Li-ion and Ni-mH batteries in any combination. Four independent charging channels each feature their own display of battery type / battery voltage / battery level. A single press on any channel's button will then display battery voltage / charging current / charging time. You can also turn off the display completely with a long press on any channel button.

£39.95 inc. VAT £38.58 inc. VAT

Fenix Headlamp Storage Case


Protect your Fenix headlamp and spare batteries during transport and storage with the Fenix APB-20 zip up storage case.

£6.95 inc. VAT £6.43 inc. VAT

Fenix Helmet Attachment


The Fenix Helmet attachment bracket is a simple and cost effective way of securing either your Fenix HL60R or HL55 to your new caving helmet. Fenix has designed the helmet bracket to feature a very easy to use system. The bracket simply sticks to the caving helmet with one of two sticky patches.

£6.95 inc. VAT £6.43 inc. VAT

Fenix HL18R


The Fenix HL18R is a head-torch designed for running, utilising a comfortable headband, multiple lighting levels, multiple battery options, battery level indicator, and a lighter weight body design.

£59.95 inc. VAT £55.55 inc. VAT

Fenix HL60R

The Fenix HL60R is a highly versatile high powered head torch. However is does make for a great LED caving headlamp. It offers up to 950 lumens of output and also carries an IPX8 waterproof rating; what more can you want.

From £78.97 inc. VAT