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Boot Bananas

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Boot Bananas Boot Bananas Winter Sport


Super absorbent, silica-stuffed fabric bananas: rapid drying technology without the need for heat or electricity! Ideal for boots, shoes, gloves or any other wet winter gear.

£22.00 inc. VAT £19.58 inc. VAT

Boot Bananas Boot Bananas


Every climber has the same problem- smelly and sweaty feet, making your climbing shoes the same! This is the perfect cure! The boot bananas can easily be slid into your rock climbing shoes after use and absorb moisture to prevent bad odours.

£15.00 inc. VAT £13.36 inc. VAT

Boot Bananas Powerfingers


A great warm up tool for before you set off to climb, can also be used a rehab tool and prevent injury. By simply flexing and extanding your fingers in this handy tool you can strengthen your finger muscles, therefore reducing the risk of injury. Alternatively, if you have any niggles, this can sort them out by strengthening the weaker extensors at the back of the forearm. Can be used to try and prevent, cure and manage elbow tendonitis.

£27.50 inc. VAT £24.48 inc. VAT
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