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Snugpak Stasha


The Snugpak ® Stasha improves on the concept of the original British Military Basha and is the compact and lightweight alternative to the Snugpak All Weather Shelter. The Stasha is a traditional rectangular design (2.44 x 1.63m), with nearly 4m² of available protection. As the name implies, the shelter packs down small to be stashed almost anywhere, and can even fit in a pocket!

£39.17 ex. VAT £34.94 ex. VAT

Terra Nova Adventure Tarp 1

The Terra Nova Adventure Tarp 1 is a polyester shelter or tarp of 1.4m x 2.4m dimensions with a 4,000mm hydrostatic head, that packs down to 8x40cm and weighs 367g. This tarp features reinforced eyelets, webbing tapes for multiple set up options (see video below). Hoolie Green and Zephyros Green are the same colour green as the respective tents with which this tarp can be paired. It is equally great as a stand alone shelter for a lightweight adventure or sleeping under the stars.

From £37.08 ex. VAT

Terra Nova Adventure Tarp 2


The simplest and lightest form of shelter is a tarp and they are great for those wanting more of a lightweight adventure, sleeping under the stars. This is the larger version of the Adventure Tarps and features reinforced eyelets, webbing tapes for multiple set up options and uses tried and tested Wild Country tent fabric, Stormtex P4000.

£58.33 ex. VAT £51.22 ex. VAT

Ticket To The Moon Hammock Moontarp


The Moontarp steps in to provide an extra layer of protection when your hammock doesn't cut it. Wind, rain, and intense sunlight are common barriers to comfort while out on the trail. Even if your campsite isn't in the friendliest environment, your tarp will help extend your trip. made from a ripstop, lightweight, and waterproof nylon tarpaulin, the Moontarp drapes completely over your hammock to provide shelter. It also works independently as a capable cover.

£83.33 ex. VAT £73.10 ex. VAT