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Nordisk Aluminium Nail (6 Pieces)


The aluminium nail is extremely small and light, making it a great choice when pack size matters. The square design ensures it easily penetrates into both soft and hard soil. The aluminium peg is, however, especially well-suited for areas where there are limited possibilities for traditional pegging, like mountains with lots of rocky or stony grounds or areas with extremely hard soils e.g. dry clay, where other pegs do not work.

£16.00 inc. VAT £14.24 inc. VAT

Nordisk Dyneema Guy Line 1.2mm


The Dyneema 1.2 guy rope is made from the strongest fibre in the world and actually has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel. The extreme high tensile strength makes the Dyneema fibre the first choice among climbers and now also among campers.

£9.00 inc. VAT £8.02 inc. VAT

Nordisk Gormsson -2 Egg


The Nordisk Gormsson -2 Egg is a classic mummy-shaped bag with a 3D hood shape and concealed drawstring, making it perfect for a snug fit on cold nights. This is a 3 season bag with a durable rip-stop shell, a high quality Norguard S-PO 85 fiber filling and a Soft Touch lining. The foot box offers easy ventilation allowing the feet to cool down. An internal thermal collar gives extra warmth when needed.

£190.00 inc. VAT £174.55 inc. VAT

Nordisk Halland 2 Footprint


The Nordisk Halland 2 Footprint will not only protect your tent, adding years to its durability, but it also converts the outside area into a usable storage area by providing a clean and waterproof floor. Another underrated feature of a footprint is directing the moist from the ground to go around your flysheet. This removes 90% of condensation from the inside of your sleeping cabin, leaving you with a dry and comfortable indoor climate, no matter the conditions outside.

£55.00 inc. VAT £50.53 inc. VAT

Nordisk Halland 2 LW


The Halland 2 LW is a lightweight yet spacious two man tent that doesn't skimp on comfort or features. The simple two-pole construction makes it quick and easy to pitch and pack down. The Halland 2 LW pitches outer first, so it can be used as a stand-alone. The design allows for good sitting height and there is plenty of room for storage, cooking and living with several possibilties to customize ventilation

£635.00 inc. VAT £583.36 inc. VAT

Nordisk Lofoten 2 Inner


The Nordisk Lofoten 1 and 2 both offer the option to detach the flysheet from the inner tent, allowing you to pitch them separately, using the same poles. The tailored loops in the Lofoten NFFS system works as a pole channel and the foot-end pole will, when reversed, create a stand-alone attachment option.

£185.00 inc. VAT £169.96 inc. VAT

Nordisk Telemark 2.2 LW

From £546.61 inc. VAT

Nordisk Telemark 2.2 PU


The Nordisk Telemark Series is loved for its ideal combination of space, weight, easy handling and a sturdy construction. With the introduction of a 2-door PU version, it is not only suitable for ultralight adventures and long-distance running, it also becomes the obvious choice for hikers, looking for a sturdy and durable shelter that will neither fill up their pack nor cause a pain in the back.

£375.00 inc. VAT £344.50 inc. VAT