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Thermarest RidgeRest SOLite


The RidgeRest SOLite by thermarest is a lightweight roll-mat making use of closed cell foam, RidgeRest peaks and valleys, and reflective ThermaCapture coating to keep you warmer while sleeping. The closed cell foam acts as a great insulator to stop your bodyheat conducting through to the ground. The signature RidgeRest peaks and valleys trap air to stop it circulating, both convecting and conducting warmth away. Lastly, the ThermaCapture coating reduces radiant heat loss to cover the third method of heat transfer.

£31.00 inc. VAT £26.92 inc. VAT

Thermarest Z Lite SOL


The Z Lite SOL Sleeping Pad by Thermarest builds on the original, with the addition of the ThermaCapture Coating which works by reflecting radiant heat back to the body. Accompanied with the heat trapping dimples, the Thermacapture coating helps boost warmth by nearly 20%. The mattress is constructed using softer foam on the top surface for comfort, with more dense foam on the bottom for durability.

£46.00 inc. VAT £39.92 inc. VAT

Sea to Summit Ultra Light SI Regular


The Ultra Light SI Regular mat by Sea to Summit is super light and ultra packable, this self inflating mat is perfect for minimalist fast hikes. Thanks to our 30-D polyester and Delta Core-V™ vertical coring; the mat keeps contact areas warm whilst keeping the weight a mere 550g. Furthermore the multi-function, patent-pending multi-function valve twists over to allow the mat to be rolled tightly without fighting re-inflation as you go.

£75.00 inc. VAT £66.17 inc. VAT

Sea to Summit Camp Mat SI Regular


Sea to Summit describes this mat as their “Durable and comfortable all-rounder”...and they couldn't be more correct! This mat has a highly abrasion resistant base for long lasting toughness, a high R-rating to alow its use in all seasons and at 3.8cm thick it is easily thick enough to keep hips from pushing through to the ground. A perfect does-all mat at a very reasonable price!

£60.00 inc. VAT £52.93 inc. VAT

Multimat Trekker 25


For an all-year-round, durable sleeping mat, look no further than the Multimat Trekker 25- with its 150D top and base, it is most certainly designed for the active lifestyle. The foam core self-inflates quickly, but most importantly, is designed to last. With a square cut, this mat is designed for the adventures where weight is not necessarily key.

£52.99 inc. VAT £48.49 inc. VAT

Multimat Superlite 25


The Multimat Superlite 25 is an excellent self-inflating, 4 season sleeping mat that's light, compact and ideal for backpacking trips or competitive occasions where travelling fast and light is crucial. If you are looking for an extra-light self-inflating mat, the Superlite 25 sets the standard to beat.

£67.99 inc. VAT £62.18 inc. VAT

Multimat Adventure 25


The Multimat Adventure 25 sleeping mat is perfect for the global backpacker and camper. Weighing in at 685g for a full sized mat, it isn't a huge burden to carry for 4 season warmth. Its quality drilled foam core provides full, fast inflation and lasting performance while further reducing weight. The Easy valve can be locked while topping up the air by mouth should you require extra firmness.

£53.99 inc. VAT £49.46 inc. VAT

Multimat Summit 25/38


The Multimat Summit 25/38 is a self-inflating, 5 season sleeping mat that's designed for comfort and a good nights sleep. With a wedge shape design, this mat keeps warmth where you need it the most. This mat is from Multimat's expedition range so it's designed for durability, reliability and the most extreme conditions on Earth.

£94.99 inc. VAT £86.47 inc. VAT