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MSR Titan Fork and Spoon


These titanium utensils deliver ultralight utility and unquestionable durability. They come on a screw-locked cable so they’re as easy to keep track of, as they are to carry.

£25.00 inc. VAT £21.73 inc. VAT

Optimus Long Titanium Spoon


An essential bit of Camping Cutlery for outdoor lovers. Goes perfectly with the convenient resealable stand-up pouches of Trek’n Eat menues that you can also purchase from Up and Under. Stand-up pouches like these are very popular, the Long Spoon now allows you to easily get down to the very last morsels without getting your hands grubby.

£14.00 inc. VAT £12.26 inc. VAT

Optimus Sliding Long Spoon


The ideal Camping Cutlery as it is super durable and Lightweight. This extendable spoon is ideal when using food pouches, as your hands and finger don't get grubby trying to eat the last bits of food at the bottom of the pouches. Seperable for easy cleaning. And packs away the size of a normal spoon- so you don't waste space.

£7.50 inc. VAT £6.56 inc. VAT

Vango Long Handle Spoon


The Vango Wayfayrer Long Handled Spoon allows you to get right to the bottom of your Wayfayrer packet without getting your hands dirty or burnt. This means you can eat your dinner straight out the packet, saving on the washing up!

£3.50 inc. VAT £3.07 inc. VAT