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Canoe Polo Zone Clear Vis Faceguard


The Canoe Polo Zone Clear Vis faceguard is one of the best canoe polo face guards available. This canoe polo face guard has been designed to give the best levels of visibility and is easily attached to most kayaking helmets. The faceguard is secured to the helmet via 3 nuts and bolts that come supplied, it features a plastic coated metal construction and is finished in fashionable shade of black.

£33.00 inc. VAT £32.10 inc. VAT

Canoe Polo Zone Polo Boat Bag Deluxe


This polo boat bag is constructed with heavy duty cordura style fabric outside and a lighter nylon inside.

£175.00 inc. VAT £170.20 inc. VAT

Streamlyte Kinetic S Polo HDG

From £225.24 inc. VAT

Streamlyte Kinetic S Polo CXT

From £245.00 inc. VAT

Streamlyte Kinetic Polo HDG

From £225.24 inc. VAT

Streamlyte Kinetic Polo CXT

From £245.00 inc. VAT

Combat Response

The Combat Response is a composite polo kayak that is available in two different sizes. The Response is also available in 4 levels of construction. It was designed in 2011 and there was a lot of input from the GB team members during the design process, as to how it should perform. The response is one of the new style polo kayaks that also now comes with an integrated bumper system. These polo boats are not a stock line, they are built to the customers exact specification of colour, size and construction.

From £980.00 inc. VAT

Canoe Polo Zone Kayak Bumpers

The Canoe Polo Zone kayak bumpers are a great way of protecting your polo kayak and also offering extra protection to your canoe polo training partners. They are also required in competition to protect your enemies! Canoe Polo Zone has designed these polo bumpers from high density foam. They are available in two different styles. The Standard which suits the majority of polo kayaks and the Integral which fits the Combat range of polo kayaks.

From £7.06 inc. VAT