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Streamlyte Paddles

Welcoome to the Streamlyte Paddles brand page for 

Up and Under is a stockist for Streamlyte Paddles, we are based in Cardiff, South Wales. About 10 minutes drive from the Cardiff International White Water Centre.

Streamlyte Paddles, produce a wide range that covers a variety of different paddle sports. Whether you are after a whitewater kayak paddle, sea kayaking paddles, Open Canoe Paddles or a Canoe Polo Paddle. Streamlyte Paddles will have something to offer. The best part of this paddle company is that its 100% British. They are all about UK Manufacturing. So if you are after custom kayak paddles, whether its down to length or feather. We can get it sorted! 

Pete Howard, the owner of Streamlyte Paddles has set his company mission as...

"Our mission is a simple one - to make paddles that enhance your paddling experience or help you achieve your competitive goals, above all we want you to enjoy your time on the water"


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Streamlyte CXT Replacement Paddle Shaft (Carbon Extreme)

The Streamlyte Paddles CXT Replacment paddle shaft, is just one of many kayak paddle spare parts that we sell. This is a great option for repairing your paddle when you snap the shaft. This extrem, carbon paddle shaft is the same , as that used on models such as the Freeway Elite and also the Kinetic Polo CXT. The carbon extreme construction features a blend of 52% glass, 37% carbon and 11% kevlar. This simply delivers low weights but very high strengths. This replacemnt paddle shaft then comes in three different diamters, 25.4mm (narrow / small shaft), 26mm and also 27mm. The ends of the shaft are then feature an additional glass wrap for added strength and durability.

From £57.43 ex. VAT

Streamlyte Freeway Elite

The Streamlyte Freeway Elite is a top of the range whitewater kayak paddle that's designed to offer the best levels of performance in the most demanding of conditions. This paddle incorporates large lightweight carbon paddle blades that are mounted on an extreme carbon paddle shaft. This paddle is light in weight making it easy to handle whilst on the water, however due to the high pressure prepreg moulding they also deliver great levels of strength.

From £234.97 ex. VAT

Streamlyte Freeway Premier

The Streamlyte Freeway Premier, a high end kayaking paddle that is particularly well suited towards whitewater. Whether your creeking, river running or taking part in freestyle, this is a great option. Streamlyte paddles are fully manufactured and assembled here in the UK. The Streamlyte Freeway Premier kayak paddles features a fibreglass paddle shaft. This is then fitted with a pair of asymmetric blades which are made from a blend of glass and diolen to give the best levels of stiffness and durability.

From £205.13 ex. VAT

Streamlyte HDG Replacement Paddle Shaft (Heavy Duty Glass)

The Streamlyte HDG Replacement Paddle shaft is just one of many kayak paddle spare parts that we sell here at Up and Under. This is a great option for replacing a broken shaft and is a farily easy job to do. This is the same type of paddle shaft that is found on kayak polo paddles such as the Kinetic Polo HDG. This paddle shaft features a 100% glass constrcution, but this is the heavy duty version. This has a good level of flex and is suitable for use in canoe polo or whitewater kayaking. It is then available in three different shaft dimaters which are 25.4mm, 26mm and also 27mm. The ends of the shaft then also incorporate an additional glass wrap which adds extra strength when the paddle blades are inserted.

From £44.41 ex. VAT

Streamlyte Joining Spigot

The Streamlyte Joining Spigot, one of the many kayak paddle spare parts that we stock. This kayak paddle joiner is a great way to repair your broken kayak paddle. You can use it to make your own set of split kayak paddles. This paddle spigot it made of fibrerglass and comes in three different diameter options. There is a 26mm, 27mm and also a 28mm option. They then measure about 15cm in length.

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